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Blog Awards

We have received these awards recently & would like to thank the ladies who passed them on to us... Firstly, it was a while ago that Karin passed this on to us & we apologise for not saying anything sooner... Here is  Karin's Blog  about her garden & it's transformation.   Also from here you can click on to her other blog:  Green And Generous . We have followed Karin since coming across her during  No Impact Week  over a year ago & have found her posts to be both interesting & thought provoking. Karin & her Husband are training to be beekeepers, so it's a very exciting time for them. They also keep some rather beautiful chickens! Also a while ago, we received this award from Mum, who doesn't actually follow us, but occasionally makes comments... She can be found here:  Mum's Blog  & it seems to be a very happy blog! Lastly, this is from Mrs Thrifty, who is a new follower & already we have found h

Blog Award

What a surprise! Pattypan from  Tarragon & Thyme  has very kindly passed on the award & this is what she had to say: I love catching up with these two honest hardworking couple and their efforts to simplify their lives without leaving an imprint on this world of ours. I love the fact that they are not scared to be themselves or that they conform to what other people think they should be doing.  They are delightfully "alternative" and passionate about everything they are involved with.  They have home educated their children as well as running their own business and have been good role models in daring to be different and meeting their own ethical requirements rather than follow like sheep along a well trodden path.  There are always other choices and I like their honesty, sincerity  and most definitely their love for each other and their humour. Thank you Pattypan!!! xx  Liebster is a German word meaning dear & the award  is a way to show support to bloggers wh