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Life Without Maple Syrup

Life Without Maple Syrup , a set on Flickr. Via Flickr: Breakfast will just not be the same without our Canadian maple syrup... Click on the photos to follow our story. K&S xx

Let There Be Love

Bebe loves singing, so Sime dug out an old microphone. Dementia makes it a struggle for her to remember the words as well as she used to, but it doesn't stop her from having fun & of course - we are only too happy to encourage her! She also loves seeing herself on screen & even though the words are a bit jumbled, she's always keen on us sharing the videos & keeps saying "It'll give the world a laugh!" Hope you enjoy it. Kay & Sime xx


Picture from here Tonight we're going to be trimming our tree, making & drinking mulled wine, enjoying the sound of the wind howling outside & sitting by the fire... Happy solstice! Love Kay & Sime xx

Time For Us

We are really getting into the swing of life with Bebe & she is doing wonderfully well... Far better than we ever imagined! She has been with us for 3 weeks now & has already got to grips with the stairs & where her bedroom & bathroom are... When she arrived she was unsteady & using a walking stick, we had to assist her on the stairs & getting up the step in her bathroom. Now she has given up her stick & can negotiate the stairs & step independently... Has she just gained confidence or is our vegan diet working wonders?!  We moved to Cornwall when Hugo was just 5 years old & although Bebe has seen him regularly over the years she just can't accept that he is now a young man, so sadly she greets him as either a stranger or thinks he is Kay's Brother! Bebe is loving day care & will soon be going in for regular respite.  We are missing being able to go out in the evenings, so once we are satisfied that she is ready

What's In A Week?

We seem to be getting into a routine with Bebe & have seen quite a transformation over the last week... Amazing what a hair cut & some new clothes can do! She is settling well & although there are periods when reassurance is needed, she has been able to move away from focusing on things which cause her distress. We have spent many hours talking & helping her to understand why she thinks the way she does. Some of the more mundane topics, Sime has now written about in a laminated letter - which we hand to Bebe when she starts to repeat herself & gradually the answers to these questions are seeping through!  She is loving her time at daycare, which is a great bonus & she is amazingly sleeping well - if we can persuade her to keep off the coffee at night! Bebe's had a go on her old typewriter, though found it a struggle to concentrate...  We'll get it out again at the weekend & keep encouraging her. We've also tried


Bebe is here with us at last... We found out recently that Bebe also suffers from Sundowners Syndrome & witnessed during our journey home yesterday just how quickly her personality changes. We were in the car & as soon as it began getting dark, she no longer knew who we were... She had been happy & relaxed, chatting away - when suddenly, she was filled with fear & agitation! She was angry on her arrival; the house was too cold, her room was too big, but eventually we calmed her down by distracting her with some of her favourite music & very quickly, she was dancing! She was on top form over dinner & had us all in hysterics...  She is having a problem recognising Hugo - it's been a couple of years since she last saw him & of course, he's a young man now. Last night he was Rodney, we have no idea why... She enjoyed the laughter as much as we did! By midnight, we were flagging & had to call time on the fun, again she bec

Last Fling

We've almost prepared the house ready for Bebe's arrival - most importantly, her room is ready... She will be going into our guest room, so we haven't had much to do in there. We've put her photographs up on the walls, put her CD player in place, clothes in the wardrobe & drawers, but kept it simple & clutter free. When Nan was with us, we made her room into a comfortable bedsit, but she tended to stay in there & almost cut herself off from us at times...  We want to encourage Bebe to spend time downstairs, she'll have the sitting room more or less to herself if she wants some peace & we've brought her TV down, so she'll be able to watch all her musicals again... She lost the ability to use her DVD & CD players a while ago, which was really sad - she loves music & we'll make sure she gets plenty of opportunities to enjoy them all again!  Lupe's already made himself at home & seems to be loving Bebe's

Taking The Plunge

Life is set to change again for us. We have had a great time entertaining many B&B guests, but now have decided to stop & concentrate on the things that are far more important. Firstly, ourselves... Sharing our home with many strangers is quite exhausting & Sime in particular has worn himself out giving his all, something neither of us had really noticed until we stopped. Secondly, Bebe (Sime's mum) is going to be moving in with us... Her dementia is progressing, though the conditions she was continuing to live in were obviously not helping. We feel she has been let down by the social care support team, her carers seemed to be excellent on the surface, but in reality - she has been badly neglected. On our last visit, we found her flat in a terrible state. The cleaner had disappeared, her hairdresser had stopped going in & some of the carers didn't even bother to feed her! On top of all this, she has been phoning the police about her hot water &am

Fog & Family

We've had gloomy fog here today... And warm sunshine in Falmouth this afternoon. Sal & Ryan were visiting from Bristol for the day, so we enjoyed a catch up! Night, night. Kay & Sime xx

Still Here

I can't tell you how many times we've started writing about various things, but have had to stop due to lots of things going on... We have lots of draft posts, some with a few photos & no words, some with just a title & a line or two... It's quite a few, but neither of us seems to find time to get them finished & after several weeks the desire to share those photos or ideas just fades & we move on to the next thing. Some days are just so crazy... Getting up at 6.30am to prepare breakfast for guests, then doing a full day's clean, returning at about 5.30pm, cooking dinner, eating with our guests & more often than not - chatting away until late, washing up & finally falling into bed at around 1am... I don't know how we do it, but we do.  The one thing we are doing right this year is making sure that we have 2 days off from going out to work, which is great - though frustrating for some of our customers who desperately want us to work

Loe Bar

              We managed to get another day out today... No cleaning on a Saturday is just wonderful, so we fed our guests this morning & set off for Porthleven near Helston - where Hugo was helping to run a circus workshop. Hope you're all having this beautiful weather! Kay & Sime xx

View From Our Window

We're still here & just had 2 days off in the lovely sunshine... Linking up with  Jane ... Late again! The lilies are looking amazing... We're very happy to see them! Will post more soon, but are just enjoying being outside when not working... Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Kay & Sime xx

Work, Weather, Window Views & Night Walking

Hello everyone & sorry for our absence... We've had lots of guests in over the last 2 weeks & done 14 house cleans in 8 days... Just crazy! Then there's been meetings, home education group, college open evening, as well as squeezing in a nice night out...  It's all been very exhausting, so we're treating ourselves to an overnight staycation tomorrow - leaving Hugo to man the fort.  Lots of our guests keep telling us to try out  Airbnb  for ourselves & that's what we're doing. At some point soon, we'll hopefully find time to book our winter holiday with the kidlets - our sealed pot is filling up & mainly from generous guests & customers.  See  Saving For Travel's blog  for more info. We've had mixed weather this week, quite stormy & cold at the beginning, but on Wednesday night the sky cleared & the sun came out again... Amazingly, it's been out ever since! Better late than never... Linking up wi