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What's In A Week?

We seem to be getting into a routine with Bebe & have seen quite a transformation over the last week...

Amazing what a hair cut & some new clothes can do!

She is settling well & although there are periods when reassurance is needed, she has been able to move away from focusing on things which cause her distress. We have spent many hours talking & helping her to understand why she thinks the way she does. Some of the more mundane topics, Sime has now written about in a laminated letter - which we hand to Bebe when she starts to repeat herself & gradually the answers to these questions are seeping through! 

She is loving her time at daycare, which is a great bonus & she is amazingly sleeping well - if we can persuade her to keep off the coffee at night!

Bebe's had a go on her old typewriter, though found it a struggle to concentrate... 
We'll get it out again at the weekend & keep encouraging her. We've also tried playing Scrabble, but she was unable to unscramble the letters to form any words - we shall persevere!

Listening to her favourite music definitely makes a huge difference to Bebe's mood, she is at her happiest when singing, dancing or with both of us chatting. 

This is what happened after a bowl of soup today...

We're also managing to get her out walking & after not venturing out of her home for 3 years - she is doing fantastically!!!

A breezy Mevagissey Harbour this morning...

As Bebe says several times a day... 
"D'you know something? I think this move is going to work out."

We think so too!

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
oh bless her, can she be my adopted Granny? xx
dreamer said…
Bebe looks so much happier and healthier already. Amazing what love and patience can do for someone.x
Tanya said…
You are all wonderful people! My dad (Richard) seems to have found some kindred souls from our homeland. Thanks for being awesomely amazing people and for loving my DAD! :) Love Tanya
PS Your mom is precious.
Unknown said…
The video of you with bebe is priceless! She seems so happy!
Thank you Jane! :) xx
Thanks Kath & Bebe would love you to bits! :) xx
Thanks Dreamer, we have been pleasantly surprised just how well Bebe's doing! :) xx
Thank you Tanya! We adore Richard - he's quickly become like a member of the family & we can't wait to see him again. We really hope to get over to Canada one day & meet all you girls too!!! :) xx
Thank you Richard... We think you & Bebe would get on very well! You have to come over next year & see her... She will love you as much as we do! :) xx
Susan Heather said…
What a wonderful video - great to see her so happy. You are doing a fantastic job.
Thank you Susan! :) xx
Scarlet said…
It's great to see Bebe out and about with you and enjoying beautiful Cornwall, and the video is just wonderful!