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View From Our Window

We're still here & just had 2 days off in the lovely sunshine... Linking up with  Jane ... Late again! The lilies are looking amazing... We're very happy to see them! Will post more soon, but are just enjoying being outside when not working... Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Kay & Sime xx

Work, Weather, Window Views & Night Walking

Hello everyone & sorry for our absence... We've had lots of guests in over the last 2 weeks & done 14 house cleans in 8 days... Just crazy! Then there's been meetings, home education group, college open evening, as well as squeezing in a nice night out...  It's all been very exhausting, so we're treating ourselves to an overnight staycation tomorrow - leaving Hugo to man the fort.  Lots of our guests keep telling us to try out  Airbnb  for ourselves & that's what we're doing. At some point soon, we'll hopefully find time to book our winter holiday with the kidlets - our sealed pot is filling up & mainly from generous guests & customers.  See  Saving For Travel's blog  for more info. We've had mixed weather this week, quite stormy & cold at the beginning, but on Wednesday night the sky cleared & the sun came out again... Amazingly, it's been out ever since! Better late than never... Linking up wi

Full Throttle, No Chaser

We've had the most busiest 2 days of the year so far... We have hemp protein in our porridge every day, which really helps to keep us going! Yesterday, we had a crazy day, the house we cleaned was it's usual hovel & took a lot longer than we'd thought... Second home owners with more money than sense & children who have absolutely everything, but don't look after any of it!  Completely different world to ours... Thank goodness! Today's been equally difficult, as some owners contacted us at the last minute to say their son & friends would be coming down today (just as guests were leaving)...  We already had a full clean to do, so said we could get there after 3pm, which we did & amazingly, everything ran smoothly. We managed to clean the 3 storey house in 5 hours between us, came home & prepared our guest room for folks arriving tomorrow. Any minute now we'll be eating our very late dinner & then it's all systems go

This Morning's View

It's actually been warm enough to eat breakfast outside... Yippee!  We just want to make the most of the sunshine - though do have a huge house clean to do today. A clean that I really am not keen on, but Sime thinks we should continue with...   And just because we're totally insane, we're going to meet a potentially new customer in a few minutes. Linking up with  Jane's View From My Window . The perfect time to be here... Blue skies, warm sunshine & just the sound of birds singing! A gorgeous view (in my opinion) through our rather grubby dining room window! Sime's finally hacking back the poor lilies. Gloopy porridge for brekkie... And a cuddly kitty loving the sunshine... They both love us being outside with them... We've got dandelions everywhere, which I'm hoping our lovely landlord won't mow down before we get a chance to pick them - he thinks he's helping us out by keeping the gras

Slow, Silly & Sunny

We can't remember the last time we woke naturally... It must have been weeks ago, so Sunday morning (well actually we didn't get up until 1pm) was extra special! We had such a lazy day...  And no Ryan, it wasn't beer for breakfast... It was nettle tea! Sime got the wood burner in as it was a bit chilly & of course, kitties got priority in the seating. A very excited Sime found his favourite drink on special offer last week. And I have to put up with a camera appearing in my face... This is all before the bottle was opened! Today (Tuesday) was the hottest day of the year so far... And we had lunch out in the garden for the first time! A lovely treat in between jobs... Another sneaky photo...  Sime was making me cry with laughter, he's so naughty & does it all the time... He just carries on until you feel like you can no longer breathe & often ends (as it did for Hugo yesterday) in having to spit out