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Setting the Record Straight

We've received an email from a very nice lady who has read our blog about the kids and is concerned in particular about our son's education. I've (hopefully) reassured her that although we don't do any formal teaching, he still is learning... From our experience, children who are home educated are eager to learn and be naturally creative. They are used to seeking answers for themselves and enjoy sharing what they find. We have a shelf with "work" books that the kids have dipped into over the years, but of course - the internet now does most of the educating. When we started out, over 10 years ago - we relied on the library to provide us with information on any topics the kids were interested in. They've all learnt basic maths, but none of them have been overly keen and if ever they want to brush up on their sums as they get older - there's always adult education classes! Our daughters decided to attend college and both managed to get on courses whi