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A Year Of Wonder

What an incredible year we have had... We downsized to spend 12 months in a sweet little house with the most stunning views of the sea. We were treated to an amazing holiday in Canada, thanks to our kind and beautiful friend Richard... It was fantastic to spend time with Richard and his fabulous family...  We adore them all very much and will always be grateful to him for his incredible generosity! We had lots of new work opportunities come our way, which have kept us extremely busy and have enabled us to continue living here - The price for a bit of luxury! We now work in more stunning properties and we also spent the summer season at the youth hostel with a lovely team... All the kidlets are happy living their alternative lives...  2 of them own a caravan, 2 of them live in that caravan, 2 of them gave up their flat to do a long term house sit and all of them have exciting plans ahead. We have come to realise that for us, our