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Sleepy Deeps

Another exhausting day today, but we did it! Time for bed again... Easier day tomorrow & then we're off to an Earth Hour celebration meal & bonfire (if we can stay awake)! Have a wonderful weekend! K&S xx


Three houses to clean tomorrow & two more on Saturday, then we've got 2 days off... Yippee! We're managing to get everything done, although it's tiring - so we're just working, eating & sleeping! My birthday in Fowey was a lovely break, but we were both quite tired... This is a great bus stop outside of the town... Fowey is pronounced "Foy". Walking down from the car park... It's quite a steep walk. We love old telephones - my Nan & granddad had a Bakelite phone & we have a  a 746 phone . Quirky window display... The King of Prussia has gone pink! Fowey harbour... The village over the water is Polruan... The sea was really clear... We decided to walk to the other end of the town... RNLI lifeboat... Ducks again... The car ferry which goes between Fowey & Bodinnick... On impulse we decided to catch the ferry... Oh dear - droopy drawers & unbrushed hair. Can't believe Sime took this one! And onto the ferry... Bo

Shake It All About

I have had a wonderful birthday today - a day spent in the warm sunshine with my best friend! I wish to thank my lovely chap for writing a  fantastic book (with help from Hugo with images) which has made me laugh & cry with happiness - something I will treasure forever!!! And I must apologise for using our old CD alarm clock while ironing yesterday afternoon & forgetting to re-adjust the volume, before putting it back in our bedroom... I accidentally left our Alice In Chains Unplugged album in there, so instead of our usual chilled morning wake up call - we were blasted out of bed with loud applause & whistling - well I think every birthday should start that way!!! We've been to Fowey today & I'll post some photos soon... Kay :)

Nice Weather For Ducks

Yesterday - Rolling mist coming in from the sea. Within minutes we went from blue skies & warm sunshine to cold drizzle & fog!  Some little friends were waiting for us this morning... And gave us quite a greeting... We usually see them in the river... But it was the first time we've seen them out & sunning themselves so close by! Our simple lunch of brown basmati, garlic, sprouted mung beans, sweetcorn, miso & overly wilted rocket... Dessert - peanuts, raisins & dried apricots. So nice to be outside for our picnic today! We're off to bed any minute now...  We've prepared 4 flats today.  Hung curtains, put on mattress & duvet protectors, cleaned lots of windows, as well as doing the general cleaning - it's  been a long day!  This is our 5th season working here & today we've managed to do so much more than we've ever done in one day, we usually take a couple of weeks to get these flats ready... We're aching a bit now though!

How Many People...

Have a song written for them... We're off to work now - have a good weekend! Kay & Sime xx

Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

We are starting to get a full diary with holiday bookings... But couldn't resist taking some time out yesterday (& today), so instead of preparing some flats ready for the Easter hols  - we dropped Hugo off at the station for the home ed group & decided to visit Porthpean beach. It's not really a favourite, but we hadn't visited for a few years. And thought it would be a nice place to have our lunch... Starting tomorrow - we have got our work cut out to prepare 12 properties ready for a week on Saturday. We also have 3 private full house cleans next week, the car's MOT is due, Sime's spending a day in the recording studio with The Dolphins & It's my birthday on Monday... How will we fit it all in? I think we'll need a miracle... Hahaha! Today, we've had an electrician in & we've been waiting for the woodburner to arrive, so we took the day off again... Talk about cutting it fine, but Sime believes we'll take it all in our st