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Our house...

We've been upside down since Monday.
 The builders are working hard to sort out the damp in the heart of our house - our dining room...

We also got permission from our landlord to knock out the bricked up fireplace...

As we thought we would buy a wood burning stove.

Inside the fireplace, we found the wall was filled with pebbles from the beach...

And we found a Jackdaw's nest...

A massive nest - which explains the noises we would hear in the wall!

This morning we had a wonderful surprise...
Not only is our landlord going to pay for new curtains & a carpet in our living room...
He's decided that he will pay for the wood burner & everything that goes with it!

We have wept with joy & feel incredibly happy, we were totally prepared to purchase the stove ourselves - but his lovely kindness just makes us feel very lucky & highly honoured...
He has offered us his bank card today, so we can purchase whatever we like - what an amazing man!
How many landlords would do that?

Kay & Sime 


Unknown said…
What can I say, you must be wonderful too, otherwise he wouldn't offer!


Sft x
Scarlet said…
What a lovely house , and an equally lovely landlord. You must be wonderful tenants to benefit from such generosity!
Rebecca said…
Hi, what a lovely landlord, the fireplace will be so cosy, bet you cant wait! x
Thank you Sft & Scarlet!

He has admitted to us before that he thinks we're unusual haha... But he has also said that we have exceeded all expectations of what he & his wife thought good tenants should be!

Such sweeties!

Kay :)
Thanks Becky - can't wait!

We do have an open fire in the living room, but we spend more time in the dining room - so it's going to be fantastic!

Kay :)
Kath said…
Is he married? someone better snap him up if he isn't!! :-)

You have my sympathy, having lived with that sort of mess and upheaval for ....all our married lives it seems LOL

So happy to hear you will soon have a lovely dry and warm cosy home!
Thanks Kath, he is happily married & his children & other relatives all live in the hamlet too - they can trace their ancestors back over 600 years to this tiny place & they are all really lovely, kind people! Just a shame that some of the folks they sold the other properties to are not the same...

Kay :)
dreamer said…
Wonderful news and a lovely gesture from your landlord :) I love our small stove, much more efficient than an open fire.
Thanks Dreamer - we had one in our previous house & loved it, so really looking forward to having one & then we've got both... What a luxury!

Kay :)
just Gai said…
A new stove etc will more than make up for the disruption that you've had over the past few days.

Perhaps you can explain a query I have on wood burning stoves. I know a number of 'green' people who have installed them, and one who sells them, but doesn't the burning of wood produce carbon dioxide and the gathering of it deplete our woodlands. I'm sure there must be a reasonable explanation that I'm missing.
Thanks Gai - Hopefully, most folks will use wood from renewable sources. Wood burning does create CO2, but young trees absorb it - so coppicing is the answer. It's still far cleaner than fossil fuels...

We use eco-logs on our open fire, we were given them in return for some cleaning & they are made from reconstituted wood. We also collect driftwood & fallen dead wood from the road side.

Our transition group is managing a community woodland, the idea eventually will be to offer wood in return for help, so we'll see what happens...

Hope this helps!

Kay :)
Pattypan said…
OOh deeply jealous. Old houses need fires - it will help dry out the damp and stop it occurring again. I think you are very lucky with your landlord and what a lovely house. Now there will be plenty of long walks looking for pine cones to dry for the winter and then burn on either one of your fires. When is the grand opening ceremony then (or should that be ligthing). Its lovely when things come right. Hope you are having a lovely week despite the upheaval

Take care


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful landlord!!
Thank you Pattypan & Mel - We are feeling very lucky at the mo!

K&S xx
just Gai said…
Thanks. It makes more sense now.

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