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Yr Wyddfa

Snowdon is the biggest mountain in Wales... It is 1085 metres (3569 feet) above sea level. It has 6 footpaths to the summit, plus a train! Years ago we walked up the Miner's Track & down the Llanberis Path, which was about 9 miles altogether including some very scary scree climbing... This time we took the train, with the intention of walking it again before our holiday was over. Unfortunately, the walk never happened as the weather just wasn't good enough & the mountain was constantly covered in thick mist... So we purchased our very expensive tickets in advance in order to catch the 'Earlybird' train. The station forecast had been good for the day we chose, but as you can see the mountain was completely enshrouded... Although the scenery on the journey was wonderful... We have reviewed our experience with the  Mountain Railway  on Tripadvisor, as it wasn't brilliant! The journey takes 2 1/2 hours altogether (1 hour up, 1/2 hour at the top & 1 hou

Wind, Rain & Power Cuts

Hello! We are having gale force winds, torrential rain & we had a power cut last night... We've lost our internet access on the farm too... It's still wonderful though & we're loving the extreme weather! 1085 metres up in the sky on Snowdon's summit! Bye for now, Kay, Sime & Hugo  xxx

Ar Wyliau

For two weeks due to the need for time off... We're staying on this farm... In a beautiful part of Wales... See you soon! Kay, Sime & Hugo  xxx

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

At last work is slowing down... We have 3 days off this week - which is fantastic! This morning we slept in without setting the alarm - Woohoo!!! In two weeks time, we are going back up to Stoke for a few days & then in just over 4 weeks - we'll be going on holiday. Two whole weeks in Wales... We're going to be renting a caravan on a farm at the foot of Mount Snowdon. Photograph From Here We used to go to Wales a lot many years ago. When Sal & Rose were 5 & 3 - we walked up & down Snowdon... It was an amazing, uplifting experience & the girls were fantastic walkers back then. Everyone we met on that journey - stopped to say how impressed they were with our little girls! Even when we managed to stray from the path & ended up climbing over a large crevice with a drop of probably thousands of feet - they remained calm & continued climbing with ease... Unlike me - I went into panic mode as soon as Sime said don't look down! I froze, crie