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Back To Nature

This is 11 years worth of shells and pebbles collected from the beach. They were on every windowsill and shelf, in every room of Meadowcroft...  Over the weeks, we filled a waste paper basket with them and a few days ago - returned them to Hemmick Beach! ♥

The South West Coast Path Circular Walk From Home

We're having such beautiful weather here at the moment, so we're making the most of it! Last week we decided to do one of our favourite local walks... Taking the lane past our hamlet... And the footpath down towards Caerhays... There had been a thick sea mist all morning, which started to lift. 1 mile from home... Tim Burton's film crew were starting to take over the beach. After feasting on fruit & handfuls of nuts on the beach, the mist cleared & we got on our way... We joined the coast path to head home... Looking back down on Porthluney Beach. A mysterious standing.stone.. Neither of us remember seeing it before! Taking in the view... These steps through the woodland are never-ending...  Out the other end... Down more steps... This little chap ran across the path - we do see lizards a lot in our garden too. We think the only way to get to Lambsowden Cove is by boat...

Settling In

Apart from telling us that she's feeling like a prisoner...  Bebe is actually settling into the routine of life in care. We know she is safe & on the whole quite happy. One of the good things for us is being able to walk away if she starts getting agitated during our visits - knowing we can leave & let someone else deal with her difficult behaviour is liberating! The staff are doing a great job, although Bebe is probably one of their most difficult clients...  Hard to believe when you see her so happy, but when the camera comes out - she loves to put on a show! She has been in care for a month now & we are still appreciating every moment we have to ourselves. Being able to do everyday stuff like going for walks, cooking, watching a film, visiting friends, turning up for work on time & sleeping is all just wonderful... And one of our favourite pastimes has to be crawling out of bed & walking down to the beach before breakfast.  On Wednesday

Out Of Hibernation

Happy New Year to you all! We've had quite a difficult time with Bebe... She is not the same person who moved in with us just over a year ago & since starting with a chest infection just before Christmas - she has lost her appetite & a stone in weight! Penicillin has perked her up a little, but we've had lots of sleepless nights which are just exhausting for all of us! Saying this, it hasn't stopped us from having some lovely times with family & friends over the holiday period... While staying in Bishop's Castle we had a meet up with friends, Shelley & Kelli in Wales...  Sime was in Shelley's band - The Hidden Persuaders back in the early 90s & after losing touch, they found each other on facebook a couple of years ago. This time we got to meet her fabulous Wife too & enjoyed a lovely afternoon chat, coffee & cake! A flying visit to Stoke & a lovely evening spent with Gerry & Brenda (AKA Nana Stip-Pep). Bre

Rural Pollution

Stormy weather has arrived... So it's cold & blustery again. The windows & doors have been rattling since Friday night & we have the wood burner blazing away. Friday afternoon, we were able to skive off work & spent a lovely afternoon with Scarlet & J  (who were down here on holiday to celebrate their 30 anniversary). We met in The Lost Gardens Of Heligan restaurant & as always, the time whizzed by & we had spent nearly 4 hours chatting & laughing... We were there until closing time, but it was so nice to catch up & we're hoping they will return to Cornwall soon... :-) Anyway, this windy weather will no doubt cover Hemmick Beach in rubbish - we are trying to clear as much as possible as often as we can & the recycling guys are always happy to take any bits of plastic we find, which is great. On Wednesday, we remembered to take the camera, but forgot to take bags or boxes to collect stuff, but we did return on Thursday with bags &am

Rewilding Our Life - Days 26 to 30 and Beyond

We've had a crazy week of work & work related problems, as well as appointments & stuff to sort around Bebe. Our days have been incredibly full, exhausting & there's still so much more to do... But the one thing that last month's rewilding challenge has done for us - we've made time to be outside... Even when things have been hectic this week & we've barely been able to put one foot in front of the other, we've made time to just sit & eat our lunch or spent a few minutes on the beach before collecting Bebe from daycare. We've managed a few visits to Hemmick & have loved just sitting quietly watching the waves... We enjoyed watching a ship just off Portmellon Cove... Spent some time in North cornwall last weekend... We've collected rubbish on Hemmick... And driftwood... Enjoyed a paddle in the warm sunshine on Monday... And channelling the stream on Wed