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Bakewell, Bebe & Being Home

It's been another tiring trip. We are used to our fairly quiet little hamlet, so staying in a hotel on a busy main road has meant sleepless nights for the three of us... The hotel was hot & the beds were uncomfortable, but it was cheap & clean, so we're not grumbling really. We did have a lovely day in Bakewell with Bebe & relatives from Yorkshire. We'd forgotten how beautiful the Peak District is... The Roaches on the Staffordshire Moorlands Bleak Moorland And pretty Derbyshire countryside Staffordshire/Derbyshire border Green & stormy Bebe in the back of the car A Bakewell pub with Bebe's (& Sime's) cousins - who we haven't seen for over 10 years! Our cheese rarebit tart - was pretty awful... The incredible shrinking woman... River Wye in Bakewell, complete with carp... Ducks & ducklings In a world of her own... A lovely day & great to catch up with relatives On the way home... The guy on the quad bike used scare tact