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Season's Greetings

 The shortest day is here and we can feel the excitement of the returning light... It's a dark morning here and although we are looking forward to the longer and lighter days, we still enjoy these cosy candlelit mornings. We may bring in some greenery at some point today and find a branch to decorate. Hope you are enjoying some slowness and taking time for yourselves. Wishing you a peaceful and Happy Solstice! Lots of love, Kay and Sime xx

I Wish...

  I could capture the breathtaking views from this cabin, wrap them up and send them out as gifts to folks who need some beauty in their lives, but our camera just doesn’t cut the mustard! This morning is quite magical and is one of those occasions where I want to share the joy... I had to get out there - not just content in seeing the beauty from the warmth of the cabin, but I wanted to be out and to feel it. Witnessing the world awaken is quite an incredible experience and although this morning is probably no different than any other, I feel excited for the day ahead. We know that being in nature recharges us...perhaps living in nature supercharges us! As our feathery friends arrive to feast on the goodies we leave out, my rumbling tum is telling me it’s time for our breakfast too. Enjoy the photos! Love Kay (and sleepy Sime) xx

The Best Time Of Year...

For a another trip down to the beach... The blue skies tempted us out again today & although we haven't had any frost here - it has still been cold! Lupschki watched us go while basking in the warmth of the sun in our living room window... We joined the coastal path which is 10 minute's walk away... The sky & sea just looked beautiful today... The cottage on the beach.  Now a holiday home owned by National Trust & it costs nearly £100 per night out of season & £300 a night in season! An elderly brother & sister lived there before - they had lived there all their lives & the cottage was falling apart.  They were tenants of NT & no work was done until they both had to left to go into care homes. We're sure NT do good work, but they are certainly good at neglecting their tenants & they only pay their holiday cottage cleaners a little more than minimum wage. (We were approached & turned them down)! The path on to the beach... Looking

This Morning

After what seems like weeks of wind & rain... I woke this morning to birdsong & sunshine! So I threw open the window to take this... Then quickly got dressed & dashed outside... I hadn't realised how noisy the wind had been until it became peaceful again. Being outside early just made me feel like taking a walk... Sime has been feeling a bit grotty over the last couple of days, so I left him in the land of nod... And took off to the beach...  It's been a while since I've been further than this... But I really wanted to go all the way today... This water comes off the hillside & joins the sea. The beach is on the right... It's like a river at the moment... Our lovely beach... The water is so noisy you can barely hear what I'm wittering on about! The walk back up the winding lane... Nearly home & the sun started to come over the hill... A beautiful start to the day... So glad I did it & am feeling rejuvenated! Kay xx

Eden Project Time of Gifts

Last week we went to the Eden Project's Time Of Gifts Winter Festival. We enjoyed a lovely evening... It rained, but turned out to be warm for this time of year... Inside the Mediterranean Biome...  Hot Air Balloon in the Humid Biome... The Malaysian House in the Humid Biome... The campfire outside... And Sime with his lantern... (Which he nearly burnt the house down with the other day)! Our video of the music... We loved this song! Enjoy! K&S xx