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Feadon Farm

Last week we visited this amazing place with the home ed group... Feadon Farm  is a wildlife centre attached to a holiday park near Portreath in Cornwall. They take care of the neighbouring woodland & it's inhabitants. As well as lots of mainly British wildlife at the centre.. Sime wanted this farty photo on... This is the inside of a hollow tree... At the top of the woodland is quite a nice view. As well as the centre's wild meadow... Gary is the main guy & he likes inspecting dung... And seeing what creatures are around. Under this piece of tin was a vole in it's nest, but it ran before everyone took their photos... Snails shelter from the sea breeze... Back at the centre - Harris Hawks... Hazel the Squirrel... A Grass Snake... Which took a liking to Sime... A Field Mouse... A Rat... And the animals we were looking forward to seeing - Foxes... Meadow is feeding & Copper is behind her... And Todd was hiding... Beautiful! Lunchtime in rather