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Funny Bones

Serious times are upon us... This photo was taken last week.  Sime was clearing up out-of-date paperwork.  He puts it in piles on the floor for recycling & burning, but then he gets fed-up & says he'll finish it the next day. Which is fine - usually... This time he slipped on the paper walking through the dining room in the dark. He stumbled & ended up bashing his side on a chair... He has a large bruise which is fading now with arnica, but we did end up visiting firstly, the local minor injuries dept (which is actually over 12 miles away).  What a terrible place it is, yes it's free - but incredibly degrading. The waiting room was full & you have to ring a bell to get the receptionist's attention. When she arrives at the hatch, she speaks very loudly & discusses your problem for all to hear.  Then you are left to just sit & wait, surrounded by whole families & lots of small children running around. We decided to sit outside the room in the hall