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Sunshine, Lanterns & Lights

How time flies... It's almost a week since we were here... Perranporth Beach... The Watering Hole is the UK's only bar properly on a beach & The Dolphins Fly have played there! Perranporth is on the north coast of Cornwall & 25 miles away from where we live. We had dropped Hugo off at the home ed group & fancied spending the day enjoying the sun. When I heard that Perranporth beach is 3 miles long... I thought we should check it out! We had the most perfect time & the beach is amazing... Though we both agreed that neither of us would like it when it gets busy! Then it was on to Truro... This cafe has changed name so often that I can't remember it's name now... It used to be veggie & now sells meat & fish! :( But they did make a very nice vegan sweet potato, pumpkin & coconut soup. Sal & Ryan met up with us, as did our friend Jane - she had been supervising the home ed group &a

Mevagissey Harbour

Monday's weather was really dull, but we fancied getting out in the fresh air. Last week, we saw a grey seal just outside the harbour, but the photos & video didn't come out very well. We thought we may see him again, but he was nowhere to be seen... We love this time of year - when we get places to ourselves... Yesterday, we had a full day out in the sunshine... On Perranporth Beach... And ended the day at Truro's City Of Lights... Lantern Parade & switch on of the Christmas lights. More to follow soon... Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx