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Sunshine, Lanterns & Lights

How time flies...
It's almost a week since we were here...

Perranporth Beach...
The Watering Hole is the UK's only bar properly on a beach & The Dolphins Fly have played there!
Perranporth is on the north coast of Cornwall & 25 miles away from where we live.
We had dropped Hugo off at the home ed group & fancied spending the day enjoying the sun.
When I heard that Perranporth beach is 3 miles long... I thought we should check it out!

We had the most perfect time & the beach is amazing...
Though we both agreed that neither of us would like it when it gets busy!

Then it was on to Truro...

This cafe has changed name so often that I can't remember it's name now...
It used to be veggie & now sells meat & fish! :(

But they did make a very nice vegan sweet potato, pumpkin & coconut soup.

Sal & Ryan met up with us, as did our friend Jane - she had been supervising the home ed group & the teens had all gone off together to watch the parade.

Very suddenly the crowd just grew...

It was such a mild, dry evening - it seemed like the whole population of Cornwall had headed to Truro!

The lanterns were amazing...

And the Christmas lights were switched on! 

A steel band played...

And the pretty lights twinkled!

Sime's video...

While at Perranporth, we saw something we've never seen before being used by several people on the beach.
We thought we'd find some in the town & we were right!
No doubt, you all know what it is & it's probably just us - we don't get out enough...

I think Emperor's new clothes springs to mind, but does anyone know what they are called?

Night, night. 

Kay (& Sime)


Anonymous said…
Mike and I prefer our beaches (and, to be honest, everyplace else) quiet & without crowds, too. It's just so much more peaceful.

The fest looks fantastic. Such fun!

That looks like a Chuck It to me. Were they using them to throw the balls for dogs?
Jane and Chris said…
No idea! I think I've been to Perranporth as a child.
I've been meaning to ask, have you ever come across a band called the Humanitarians in your local travels? The lead singer ,Matt, is my second cousin.
Jane x
Catherine said…
That beach looks glorious Kay! You take us to so many wonderful places. Fantastic my friend!
Hope you are having sweet dreams! :)
xo Catherine
Doohie said…
It's a ball flinger thingamajig. :o)
Kath said…
Our dogs had one when they were young, we just called it the "walloper"!

Lovely blue skies, I love the beaches when everyone has gone home.

Looks like a great atmosphere, lovely to meet up with the young'uns!
Thank you everyone. Googling 'Chuck It' has come up with ball launcher. Lots of doggie people were using them to throw balls on the beach, though not very far... So we thought that perhaps they were more to do with not having to pick the ball up!

Molly - Cornwall off season, is a great place to be, especially when the sun shines!

Jane - We've just checked out the band & like their songs! Looks like they are doing very well too. Will definitely see them if they come our way... Thanks for that.

Catherine - We had a lovely sleep thank you, but we were woken by the phone this morning...

Doohie - We felt like we'd stepped out of a time machine & had no idea why everyone was carrying these things, all in different colours! After seeing them in action - we called them dog ball scoops!

Kath - Walloper's a good name! I think we must live very sheltered lives if they've been around for that long! Always nice seeing the kidlets & they shall all be here on Saturday for lunch...

Kay :)
Wow there was a great crowd turn out to celebrate. Being in the southern hemisphere and nearly summer New Zealand doesn't have events like this. I start my Cornwall genealogy search this week so already wondering where my ancestors lived in Cornwall. Hence I always home into your landscape photos.
Love Leanne
Scarlet said…
Fabulous photos. I can't remember the last time we saw sky as blue as that!
Leanne - We had a woman staying with us in the summer on the trail of ancestors... She was from New Zealand too & it was all very emotional, but amazing for her!

Scarlet - Thank you, it's quite different today... Grey skies & very windy!

Kay :)
Jane and Chris said…
Just to let you know we made the avocado and carob mousse today...we licked the blender clean!
I served it in martini glasses with a pice of clementine in the bottom of the glass..gorgeous!!
Thanks for the recipe!
Jane xx

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