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Hemmick Beach

Hemmick BeachHemmick BeachHemmick BeachHemmick BeachHemmick BeachHemmick Beach
Hemmick BeachHemmick BeachHemmick BeachDriftwoodHemmick BeachHemmick Beach

Hemmick Beach, a set on Flickr.

Hello everyone,

We're having quite a busy time & on top of all that our photo space has run out on blogger. Have discovered we can post from here instead, so that's good!

We've been having really bad weather in the south west & probably in other parts of the country. The lanes around here are flooded & we insanely ventured out to Sime's gig on Saturday, but amazingly made it back in one piece!

We shall try & do another post soon about the weather... But are preparing for a guest to arrive by train (if she makes it).

For now, we took these on Friday morning - while we were on the beach collecting driftwood for the woodburner.

Bye for now & hope everyone is well.

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
glad you guys are OK, news on the internet shows terrible flooding of peoples homes in Cornwall.
Here, the was a guy jet-skiing on the levels last week :-D
Regarding the photos issue. We discovered that using Chrome it had automatically downloaded Picassa, which was asking us to buy more storage space. J uninstalled Picassa and the problem dissappered.
If course if you don't use Chrome/Picassa, ignore all of the above LOL
dreamer said…
I'm having the same issues with blogger despite only actually having used 11% of my space. Hoping it will rectify itself soon.
Love the photos :)
Quite a few bloggers are sharing they have been getting notice re run out of space re photos. I have no idea what one does when the dreaded notice comes.
Love Leanne
Anonymous said…
This happened to me and I learned that using Google+ solves that problem. They have unlimited storage space if you open an account and it's easy to add photos into posts from that. Although, Flickr is a nice way around that, too. I just made you guys a contact over there! :)
Pattypan said…
Glad you okay keep safe please. Looks horrendous (hadn't realised the problems were so bad - till went on tinternet last night) Hope you visitor makes it

take care catch up soon

Pattypan aka Tricia

Karin said…
Glad to hear you haven't been too badly hit by the floods and strong winds.

You don't seem to get all that much room on Flikr for free. I've not run out of space on Blogger yet. I hope they haven't reduced their limit recently. If I do run out I shall probably delete some old posts.
Rebecca said…
gorgeous beach, hope you are not flooded out x
Thank you everyone!

Kath - Homes & businesses have been flooded down in Mevagissey, but we are on a hill, raised up from the lane - so we watched as the lane turned into a river. Just feel so sorry for all the folks who are suffering yet again... We do use Chrome, so will look at that - thank you!

Dreamer - It looks like they've recently changed their photo storage allowances, so they're offering 1GB per month, instead of per year... We're not paying when there are so many other free options!

Leanne - Perhaps blogger will change their plans, if folks don't bother buying... Hope so!

Molly - thanks, we're on Google+, so will check that out!

Pattypan - It's been nasty & freezing temperatures are being forecast for tonight, which will probably mean there'll be some rather large ice rinks in the morning! Our visitor did make it - she set off at 6.30am from London & arrived at St Austell station at 5pm, but she's from from New York... So our floods are nothing!

Karin - Our house has survived many strong winds over it's 300+ years, apparently it was the only undamaged property in the hamlet during the 'great storm' in 1987 so we don't worry & as I said to Kath, we are raised up off the lane - so absolutely fine. Flickr seems ok for space, but really we should stop posting so many photos - Sime likes it though...

Becky - The beach is beautiful, especially out of season!

Kay :)

I'm not surprised the rain caused problems in your area. When we were there in June I remember the sea level was very high in Mevagissy and the shops had sandbags at the ready just in case!
We had "big puddles" on the roads rather then "rivers out" but my brother-in-law did manage to write his van off driving through one too many of them!
Teresa x

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