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What if money was no object?

Thanks for your comments regarding photos...
Will read them all thoroughly when we have a bit of time, but for now...
Saw this & wanted to share.


Kay & Sime


Jane and Chris said…
YAY!!! Perhaps the world IS happy fulfilled person at a time.
Jane x
Kath said…
I love that phrase "all retch and no vomit"! I have GOT to work that into conversation tomorrow :-D

Actually this was very thought provoking, thankyou for sharing.
Rebecca said…
Very inspiring and made me think about the example I and beloved are setting Toby. I have been caught up in the pursuit of money at the cost of everything else x
ahhh fits soo well with our home schooling way of life.
Love Leanne
Jane - Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

Kath - Don't you just love that? We kept saying it yesterday... Hahaha! Years ago, we were so used to the 2 chocolate labs we cared for always retching & vomiting with excitement... Instead of announcing walkies, we'd just say "vomit, dry-retch" & they knew it was time to go out! It wasn't until other people were around that we realised just how silly we sounded!
Alan Watts is a really interesting guy & there's so much more to listen to - great stuff!

Becky - We have been there ourselves... But years ago, I gave up a job I loathed & replaced it with one I enjoyed, although for a lot less money... The happiness that one change gave me - made a huge difference to all the family & I swear it was also the trigger which eventually brought us to Cornwall... Now we live on half the income we had back then & we're happier than ever! Once you make one change & realise everything is ok, you just continue. I love the way we constantly evolve... Whenever the subject of having money or having mum & dad around came up with the kids - they happily chose living frugally with mum & dad working part-time... Now we're cleaning for a living - it won't be forever, but it's enabled us to take control of our lives & working together is just wonderful!

Leanne - Definitely! We always say one of the best things we have ever done is home educating the kidlets!

Kay :)

Scarlet said…
I count myself as incredibly lucky that J and I haven't pursued money at the expense of other things.The girls remember that I was there to take them to school and pick them up, for sports days, to help out in their school and to be home with them in the holidays. They remember time spent with them, in a way that I don't think they'd remember the latest game/toy/gadget that I could have bought them if I'd pursued money. A lot of the other Mums at school admitted that they bought 'stuff' for their children to ease their guilt at not being there for them.Money has never been important to me - if it had been I wouldn't have looked twice at J who had been out of work for 18 months when I met him, and who lived on one of the roughest council estates in the area. I can't begin to measure the love and joy I would have missed out on if money had coloured my judgment.
Scarlet - Love over money any day! So glad I didn't follow my parents example by doing the exact opposite! Money can cause so much grief & misery, well it has done to my folks... As long as Sime & the kids are here & happy, I'm happy too!

Kay :)