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Late Night Waffle

It's going to be very exciting next week - when we switch over to our new ISP... Just hope all our signal problems will be resolved. At the moment, every day is different - some days we can get on to a few websites, other days it's just emails, so looking forward to having a little continuity back!  We've just decided that a trip to the local internet coffee shop may be needed tomorrow... As amongst other things, we have a son-out-law who needs to be wished happy birthday (Ryan, if you see this - sorry you know what we're like... Prezzie & card will be hand delivered on Friday :) Have a lovely day matey)!!! Anyway, Sime thinks folks will find this video funny... Us Being Us Anyone would think we've got nothing better to do! It gets worse.. Yes - I am married to an insane man! The other thing we have to do is upload a film we took today & frustratingly can't get it on...  The weather has changed drastically here & today it's been very windy

Sticky Finger Syndrome

We are loving this hot weather!!! But even Sime was finding it a bit too hot this morning... And unfortunately, work keeps getting in the way, but we are managing to eat outside & grab a few minutes here & there in the sun - it's wonderful! The holiday makers from hell have been & gone, leaving a trail of rubbish & finger prints for us to clean up. One of the houses we look after has recently been refurbished & kitted out with Laura Ashley soft furnishings & bed linen, but their first guests - a family with 4 boys under the age of 7 have more or less wrecked the place! It never ceases to shock us how disrespectful some people are & we feel terrible having to report the damage to the owners, though they just don't learn - if they're going to rent their homes out through an agency, they really shouldn't leave anything of value in the house. We did a linen change at the house with the 4 boys, as they stayed for 2 weeks & they were just ru

Another Day, Another Coffee

We briefly had a full connection on Monday night... Just as we were heading to bed - Hugo came flying downstairs saying we're back on! It didn't last though & again yesterday it was off... We've now requested our MAC code from The Phone Co-op, which they have until next Monday to provide us with. Then we're definitely going to join BT & hope that all our problems will be over. Here we are in Truro - Hugo's at the the CAT Group & we're going to spend a couple of hours mooching around the city (again). Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

No Improvement

Our connection is now getting worse & nobody seems to know why! A BT engineer came out & left completely baffled, so we have no idea what will happen next. While BT & our ISP battle it out regarding responsibility of the problem, we have asked for our MAC code - so we can at least go with another company, which will probably be BT (although I'd rather not). At least if there is a problem - they won't be able to pass the blame any more! Today, we can't look at all blogs, or comment & can't even upload our photos from the weekend... Sime's gig was great, visiting North Cornwall again was lovely & yesterday we spent the afternoon in Mevagissey - pretending we were on holiday! Amazingly, we've managed to put a video on from the gig - it's very dark (our old camera...), but the sound is quite good & it's one of my favourite Dolphin songs. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but have a look & let us know what you think...

The Saga Continues

We have been with  The Phone Co-op  for over 5 years now, they provide us with our phone line, calls & broadband. We like their ethics, but as we are constantly having problems - we know the small team of staff quite well! It's not any of our computers or routers, etc - but problems continue to happen & nobody ever gets to the bottom of it. The Phone Co-op always blame BT (British Telecom - who own all the phone cables) & an engineer comes out, messes about for an hour, says it must be further down the line & so it goes on. Eventually, we stop losing packets (or whatever they are) & we return to our usual slow service, which just about lets us do normal internet surfing, buying, etc... We live in a rural place, but out of the few homes in our hamlet - we are the only family struggling to get a signal. In a quest to save our sanity, we decided to do some of our own investigations - we paid a guy to have a look at all our equipment, just to make sure. He was als

Not Quite There Yet

We still have internet problems, which our ISP & the local whizz kid can't understand! Apparently, it's like our account has been blocked, but it hasn't & it's taking a while to work out... So, at the moment we are on & making the most of it - though we can't do everything we want to & strangely, we can't look at any other blogs apart from the snippets we get on the dash board, nor can we look at any websites... It's very frustrating!!! On the positive side, we are doing things that have needed to be done for a while... Have even started crocheting (which I've not done since my teens), Sime's still busy musically & has his first gig with his new band on Saturday, we've been out walking more, have collected nettles for juicing & have been doing lots of reading - so it's not all doom & gloom! We're just even more cut off from the world & it's not actually that bad! See you soon (hopefully)!!! Kay &a

Internet Connectivity Problems!!!

We're having major internet access issues at the moment, so are going mobile for a while in order to snatch WiFi  where and whenever we can. Our ISP has been less than helpful, and we are considering a move elsewhere. We hope to be back soon with more tales both adventurous and humourous, so watch this space.