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Rewilding Our Life - Day 9

Hemmick Beach. We managed to make time to have an hour down there again yesterday, we finished work & dashed on down. There is lots of rubbish further back left by the sea & more concerning is the stuff folks continue to leave behind... We always take bags with us to pick up as much as we can, but it's just so terrible that we even have to. We have lots of photos of the stuff we collect & we'll blog about it soon. Anyway, we still enjoyed another paddle in the freezing water...  Now for yesterday's activity - wild food... All these foods are just on the lane which goes up from the beach to the hamlet of Boswinger. Alexanders. The stem & flowers can be steamed or stir-fried. Dandelions. We made fabulous wine from the petals last year & the leaves are nice in salads or stir-frys. Three cornered Garlic. We love these & eat it raw while walking... Both stems & flowers are delicious in salads.  Nettles... O