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Love and Laughter

We want to share with you our love for each other, a powerful and intimate connection which continues to grow each and every day. Today isn't an anniversary or birthday...dates don't really matter, we just enjoy sending our love out into the world. We started writing this shortly after our anniversary in September and somehow became too busy to be hello again, we are still here! 34 years married, soon to be 36 years together and over 50 years since we first met. One day we'll dig out the box of old photos under our bed and make a montage, but for now - here is a few from the last 5 years, as well as our wedding day on the bottom right. Last September, we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of our relationship with family and friends on the farm and created:  Our 80s Playlist . How can we love each other more than ever after all these years? We just do. The first time we declared our love was over a barrel of beer in a friend’s garage, while a party was going o