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Food, Glorious Food

After last night's massive meal - we decided to have a late breakfast & being us, we chose something a little untraditional... Nothing like spicy spaghetti... Or Pesto penne to kick start the day! Followed by my final French coffee. It was a short drive to Dunkerque & after an accidental tour of the city centre - we boarded the ferry for our 2 hour sail back to the UK... Where we had a few games of Uno. The sun shone & the sea was calm. And there was more pasta for us to sample... Hugo was ready for his... But Sime was slowing down. And well yeh... Spending the night near Dover & then tomorrow we're homeward bound! Our month away has flown & although we're looking forward to seeing everyone, I still feel sad to leave France...  I'm also peed off that I've left my latest book, with only 3 pages left to read & our shampoo bar (complete with tin) at the hotel in Bourges! Had to use hotel shampoo this morning which has caused my hair

A Murky Start in France

We were up at 6am this morning, as we had to be at the ferry port in Dover for 7am. On arrival, we discovered that the ferry was delayed, so we sat in the car - while the rain poured down! At last we were allowed to drive on. The white Cliffs of Dover! The nice thing about going away this time of year is that the ferry was quiet, so we had breakfast in peaceful surroundings! Just off the ferry & into France... We haven't really seen many wind farms in France - this is just before Paris on the A1. Outskirts of Paris, we decided to bypass the city, as we have driven through it on several occasions, but 4pm in the week isn't a good time to be anywhere near the Peripherique! It soon went dark after this photo & we still had 5 hours driving to do... Arrived at our hotel just after 9pm & discovered that the one veggie meal in the restaurant was unavailable! So the staff very kindly gave us free wine & rustled up some roasted veg with bread & salad. :) We