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Thursday View

We are linking up with  Jane  for the Thursday view. Except, it was such a lovely afternoon yesterday - we thought we'd take some photos early... Lupe sitting on the dining room window ledge - enjoying the last hour of sunshine. Though it was still very cold with the chilly wind!  The view from the window seat next to our dining table. The sitting room window. View from our guest room's back window... And from the side window. The view from our bedroom this morning... Our window ledge is where Lupe enjoys being in the summer.  He likes showing off to folks coming & going down to the beach! Have a lovely Thursday. Kay & Sime xx

Slowing Down

Smile. Breathe. Go slowly. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh  Two years ago, we took part in the  No Impact Experiment  & at the end of the week we wrote about  Giving Back & Eco Sabbath . Spending time giving to others is something we've thought a lot about lately - we clean for a lovely, intelligent & kind man who finds life incredibly difficult. He masks his problems with alcohol, has tried on several occasions to stop & has even gone into rehab, but he is so lonely - as soon as he's back at home, the cycle starts all over again... We have come to really care for this chap & look forward to catching up with him each week, we always do a bit extra because we want to & he is always very grateful. So when people say - you're running a business, not a charity... We say - we wouldn't do it if we didn't want to... As long as we're happy to do it & it's brightening someone else's day - that's all that matters! We are often asked if


Our friend Sheila watched this film recently & posted about it on FB, it reminded me of my reaction when I saw it too...  It's incredibly difficult to watch, but I feel it's important to understand what goes on in our world.  I hope you will see it, let us know what you think & if any of you would like information about becoming vegan - we'll do our very best to help! Kay (& Sime) xx

Revolving Door

We have had an incredibly crazy week, full of mixed emotions - good times & very sad times... Hugo's birthday was great fun & although he'd gone off on Friday to join in celebrating his friend's birthday & vowed to be returning with 4 friends on Saturday - he actually turned up with 9!   Luckily, we are laid back & it just meant making extra food. He didn't want to do anything in particular, just hang out... So we fed them chilli, rice & cornbread, they went off to the beach & got a camp fire going, but soon returned - as it was so cold! Some of the loveliest young people you could wish to meet! Rose & Asa joined us too - which was great! Although some of them were up until 6am & we did hear them now & again - we would enjoy having them over again!  A couple of them didn't want to leave, which was sweet - so may be a summer get-together will be on the cards...  Hugo's a big fan of Victoria Sponge C

The Angel

Hugo is 16 today! In December he took part in a circus show called The Angel - he was the devil! The show was amazing, but Sime had turned the flash off again, so the photos came out quite blurred, he did manage to get some footage of the finale. The birthday boy has had a busy weekend spent with friends & also has a new furry friend, who he's enjoying getting to know! One of our B&B guests said Hugo is a credit to us...  A real gentleman! He's certainly the most loveliest young chap we know! Happy Birthday Buddy! Lots of love, snugs & hugs, Momwah & Popwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A New Family Member

Isn't he beautiful? Hope all you with snow are going on ok... We continue to have torrential downpours & a hail storm here earlier! Any doggie advice, vegan recipes, etc would be greatly appreciated... Have a great weekend everyone! Kay & Sime xx

Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

Hope you're all eating mindfully! K&S xx 

It's A Cat's Life

We have very kindly been given 2 weeks of free Guardian newspapers - which is nice! We used to buy the Saturday edition, but haven't for a long time - so it's been quite a treat & kitties always love it when we have papers for them to lie on... Saturday night - Lupe loved helping Daddy... This morning.  Christmas cards piles are great for sitting on - just when Mummy wanted to sort them... And when the fire's in - cards need spreading out all over the table... They've hardly moved all day... Sleepy Fleaby... Lupe really doesn't like having his photo taken... So had to get his own back somehow... No prizes for guessing whose in charge in this house! Kay & Sime xx

Gone To The Beach...

We seem to have our photo allowance back.  No idea how this has happened, but it's good! We woke this morning to blue skies & sunshine - something we've not seen for a long time! We've had rain most days for over 2 months now, which has caused so much damage around here... Part of the coastal path has collapsed, so walkers are having to be diverted... Our lane has been closed off to beach traffic for over a month... Due to a landslide! Cars can come up from the other side of the beach & they have a tendency to ignore the signs...  This one had to reverse quite a long way! We hope the council don't bother sorting the lane out - it would mean a quieter time during holiday season! Our landlord's tractor tracks. National Trust territory...  The end of our lane with the beach at the bottom & a National Trust cottage. More signs about the coastal path closure. Rain water continues to come from our ha