It's A Cat's Life

We have very kindly been given 2 weeks of free Guardian newspapers - which is nice!
We used to buy the Saturday edition, but haven't for a long time - so it's been quite a treat & kitties always love it when we have papers for them to lie on...

Saturday night - Lupe loved helping Daddy...

This morning.
 Christmas cards piles are great for sitting on - just when Mummy wanted to sort them...

And when the fire's in - cards need spreading out all over the table...

They've hardly moved all day...

Sleepy Fleaby...

Lupe really doesn't like having his photo taken...

So had to get his own back somehow...

No prizes for guessing whose in charge in this house!

Kay & Sime


  1. ..."They haven't moved all day"
    Er...why should they?
    Jane's cats xxxxxxxx

  2. Aw, I love this post! Your sweeties are adorable and sound a lot like Sophie. She usually doesn't move much during the day and loves to sit on paper. What is it with paper and cats? So cute. :)

  3. We had the pleasure of Bold's company for a few days after Christmas when K and A went to visit friends in Bristol. He barely moved from my knee - which was just fabulous for me!

  4. Jane's cats - But the table is for all of us, not just kitties... They need to learn to share a bit more - perhaps you could speak to them please!

    Molly - If we sit on the futon, Flea enjoys coming up for a snuggle, but Lupe tends to takeover & slowly push us off... Can't win!

    Scarlet - Lovely, you can't beat having a kitty on your lap! Flea's a lap cat & spends most of his time on Sime's knee!

    Kay :)

  5. Kitties are really always so helpful aren't they? LOL! Cute cute cute!
    xo Catherine

  6. when I worked at the vets, there were many households with both cats and dogs. Without exception, the owners told me, the cat was the boss!


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