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Bourges Centre Historique

Sundays are perfect for city sightseeing... Bourges Cathedral. A huge place. On a quiet Sunday afternoon! Impressive & peaceful. Top of the north tower. Only Sime & Hugo were brave enough to climb the 396 steps... To the top! Stunning views. In every direction. They could see for miles... Happy Chappies. The Holy Sepulchre in the crypt, erected in 1520. Part of the Rood Screen, erected in 1250 & defaced by protestants in 1562 during a siege of the city. The outer gallery of the crypt, which has 2 windows. Closed area of the crypt - looks creepy! Exit of crypt. Unearthly creatures! Intricate detail of the northern entrance. Gargoyles were quite menacing. Southern entrance. Historic quarter. Lots of half-timbered buildings. Very upmarket during the day, but rapping vampires seem to come out at night! Clair de Lune. Tomorrow we travel to the outskirts of Lille for our final night. Bonne Nuit! Kay :)

Somewhere over the Rue Barbes

Back to beautiful blue skies for our journey north... A lovely journey on quiet autoroutes. Travelling amongst the mountains... And driving into them... We like tunnels... Weeee!!! Back over the Millau Bridge. A bit more interesting this time... Into the Auvergne. And villages on the tops of volcanos. The most famous volcano - Le Puy-de-Dome. Delightful ladies loos on autoroute picnic areas, with a choice of filthy toilet... Or the more popular- hole in the floor!  Yes, they are grippy foot plates to stop you from slipping... Wouldn't mind so much if they were clean, but I don't think I've ever found a clean public loo in France - roadside bushes are far superior! We amazingly travelled 370 miles in under 6 hours, so arrived at  Hotel Le Christina  in Bourges mid afternoon. Nice hotel, though a little cramped & walls like paper!  Last night, had our favourite meal of the holiday at  La Scala , then returned to the hotel for the worst night's sleep of