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Back On Track

What a difference a few days make... Wow, the extra Iron & Vitamin C are obviously just what I needed! For the first time in ages - I cooked dinner last night, made porridge this morning & have pottered about after work today. Without realising, Sime's been gradually propping me up, but now... I'm back & it feels great!!! Life is wonderful again. We are busy, which is ok now I'm not exhausted, but it does make us think more about what we really want to be doing...  At the moment, it is to own a small cafe - with room for second-hand books & instruments. This dream has been around for many years, but we both think it's going to come to us soon.  It just feels like something is about to happen!  We also want to be simplifying our life even more. At some point in the near future, Rose & Asa will be leaving us & then it will be just the three of us - do we stay in this large house, or do we move to a smaller place?  We want to have the opportunit


I've not been feeling right for a while... The last few days have especially been difficult & I'd started to convince myself that my thyroid was playing up again!  This morning I woke up & it just came to me - perhaps I'm anaemic... Pretty sure I'm right, so have bought Iron & Vitamin C supplements to give me a boost. I had anaemia with each pregnancy & I fixed it with  Spatone . Now I'm going through the menopause - it looks like it's caught up with me again! I bet there aren't many people who are happy to be anaemic!!! We've had the day off today & have spent a few hours on The Lizard in beautiful sunshine... Will post some photos soon! Kay :)