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The Angel

Hugo is 16 today! In December he took part in a circus show called The Angel - he was the devil! The show was amazing, but Sime had turned the flash off again, so the photos came out quite blurred, he did manage to get some footage of the finale. The birthday boy has had a busy weekend spent with friends & also has a new furry friend, who he's enjoying getting to know! One of our B&B guests said Hugo is a credit to us...  A real gentleman! He's certainly the most loveliest young chap we know! Happy Birthday Buddy! Lots of love, snugs & hugs, Momwah & Popwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Graduating Kidlets

We've had a hectic few days, but were thrilled to be sharing some nice times...   We were invited to Rose's graduation at Truro Cathedral...  The ceremony wasn't kicking in until 11am.  But it was suggested we got there early to ensure a seat... (This was taken at 9.30am)! It was certainly a grand setting & each graduate got a chance to be in the limelight, as they were called up one by one... And handed their scroll... Our lovely proud & happy girl... With her Foundation Degree in Graphic Design & Communication. The same girl who just a few years ago was painfully shy & would wear her hair over her face to hide... Finding the confidence to go to college was not easy for Rose, but she did it & wanted to do it.  Fortunately, she had a great tutor & lecturers who encouraged her to use her wild & wonderful ideas for projects...  Since then - she has blossomed! The only girl there wearing baseball shoes... Afraid she takes after her scruffy pa

Circo Kernow Students 2011

We've been blown away by Hugo & Co...                                             They've been studying circus performance skills for only 1 or 2 sessions over 10 weeks... And we've picked out a selection of the best photos...           The group are mainly aged between 14 & 18... And they also learned how to put up the big top & prepare for a show. They each tried all the activities & discovered what they prefer to do... We've known some of the kids for a while, so it was great to see what they have achieved... Even those we didn't know still managed to amaze us... The group have also learnt Makulele... And Capoeira... Which was fun to watch... Hugo's chosen skill was mime...                                            We were surprised by his confidence & of course we had no idea what to expect...                                          But we have been very impressed! With all of them... Rowan is 14... And these 2 we

Kits, Cats, Sacks & Wives

Just how many were there going to St Ives? It turned out to be the wrong time of year to be visiting a very popular town... We used the very expensive 'park & ride'... £2.30 to park & £4 each for the train tickets! But it was a pleasant way to arrive, as parking is very difficult in St Ives... Lots of folks had the same idea... Our train arrives... Tom Dale busking with his 1930s guitar... He was so good - we bought a CD... The town was so crowded that we decided to leave after only a couple of hours! The lovely views on the return journey... We really don't like busy places, so it was great to be heading back... And it was nice to be back in the countryside... We stopped at Zennor - which was fairly quiet... And enjoyed a look round... This water wheel is at the entrance of the museum... The quaint little church... And graveyard... Inside the church - the bell ringing ropes... Which are on the ground floor at the back... There are original parts