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Full Throttle, No Chaser

We've had the most busiest 2 days of the year so far... We have hemp protein in our porridge every day, which really helps to keep us going! Yesterday, we had a crazy day, the house we cleaned was it's usual hovel & took a lot longer than we'd thought... Second home owners with more money than sense & children who have absolutely everything, but don't look after any of it!  Completely different world to ours... Thank goodness! Today's been equally difficult, as some owners contacted us at the last minute to say their son & friends would be coming down today (just as guests were leaving)...  We already had a full clean to do, so said we could get there after 3pm, which we did & amazingly, everything ran smoothly. We managed to clean the 3 storey house in 5 hours between us, came home & prepared our guest room for folks arriving tomorrow. Any minute now we'll be eating our very late dinner & then it's all systems go

Weekend Viewing

We're off to work now... Thank you for your comments about our week & yes Scarlet - we are very much looking forward to tomorrow! Some of you know that we love Harold & Maude & we've just found the whole film on youtube... So enjoy & if you want to sing out, sing out... Love Kay & Sime xx

A Chilled Weekend

How can the weather look so good, when it's gone so cold?  Today the temperature has dropped down to 4 degrees, but we don't mind - we're on holiday, we've got plenty of warm clothing & a cosy house! We are loving the blue skies & sunshine, the quietness of the rural roads & this feeling of totally unwinding... The day after we left the UK, we discovered our daughter, Rose had car problems - so Sime was "on pins" until she reported that it was all sorted! She only passed her test last June & he's struggled with the idea that we now have 2 daughters on the road (double the worry for him) & he likes to get involved with any car related problems either of them have. I get concerned, but know that both the girls are sensible, responsible young women, who will ask for our help if they need it! So the car saga lasted for a week, Rose has discovered the joys of owning a vehicle & Sime has finally relaxed & has completely immersed hi