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Do you live in fear of growing old, of becoming ill and dying?  Or do you enjoy your life; living with purpose and seeing the beauty all around you? Our work has evolved in the last year and has taken us on a path which felt right...caring for others.  Going into the homes of older people who have needed help and human contact.  We started with 2 clients, people we have been supporting with housework and pet care for many years and as the months ticked by, they both asked if we would go into various friends too. We are now working pretty much full time, doing whatever is needed...housework, gardening, dog walking, food preparation, sometimes just sitting and chatting over a cuppa.  We feel we have calmed those who were fearful and helped them to see things more logically...there is little virus here in Cornwall and it is very doubtful anyone will catch it while sitting in their house. Those who had become frightened of the outside world, have now started going out again - seeing family

600 Miles & A Funeral

Well, we did it... We drove 300 miles to say goodbye to my Great Uncle Bill! The place was packed with probably many characters from Stoke's underworld! We can't be sure, but we've always believed that Bill was probably the Tony Soprano of the town he lived in... He had a bit of a secret life, that he never shared with the family & there were certainly lots of guys in big black overcoats there today, though I didn't see any shades - so perhaps I'm wrong! Our idea of arriving slightly late & just sitting at the back - didn't work out in the end, as my Mum & Husband turned up at the same time as us, the funeral had been delayed & so we were ushered along with my Brother & Mum to follow Bill's coffin & then into the family seats at the front! There was no change in my Mum's behaviour towards us, no joy in seeing her only Grandson - didn't even look at Hugo, let alone speak to him. How can a Grandmother be that way? Especially a

The Best Medicine

We came home from work this afternoon & inside the house, we could see...  Flea sitting in his favourite spot - the plant pot in the window!  Last night's dinner - cottage pie... Made from green split peas, chopped walnuts & mushrooms. Topped with Sime's mashed potatoes & served with steamed broccoli & carrots. All organic & we added a couple of dollops of miso to the mixture, before putting it in the oven. A regular event at meals times - Hugo & Sime end up in hysterics... Can't remember what they were talking about, but Sime just lost it... He carried on... And on... And on... (He's just a nut case, but a happy nut case)! A more serious chap today. He's been practising band #2's music, ready for his second rehearsal with them tonight! Although he's a bass player, he finds it easier to use his acoustic guitar to play along to the band's CD. So I was serenaded, while making food for the freezer... Forgot to take photos, but ma

A Few Days Away

We're heading North tomorrow for a few days.  Bebe needs our assistance with a few things & we heard today that my Uncle has died - who we were going to be visiting while there.  I feel bad that we didn't speak to him as often as we should have & that he died on his own, though it would have been the way he wanted it - at home, in his sleep & without any fuss! He lived in the same house for over 75 years, with his parents until they died back in the 70s & he was quite a character - had lots of friends, but never wanted to settle down.  His next-of-kin is my estranged Mother - who'll be coming over from her home in the states, so difficult times ahead... Anyway, on a lighter note - here's some photos from yesterday:  Portmellon Bay from one of the properties we look after. (My camera phone always makes grass seem very green) After work, it was a quick bite to eat & then out to see Sime playing with his band again... Sound check done, then time t