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Is Spring Here?

Today has been a beautiful day... View from our garden. Sunset was around 6.30pm here today. Our clocks go forward tonight, so the sun will be setting after 7.30pm... Yippee! The daffs are on their last legs... The kitties love us being in the garden... Beautiful Fleaby! We've got quite a bit of tidying up to do... We've been surprised to see garlic growing from being planted 2 years ago... Lupe by the computer again... Sime engrossed... Tired me... It's been a long week! Our unplugged day tomorrow - I'm hoping to get some crocheting done, we also want to go nettle gathering... Though we still have guests to look after, so we shall see! We actually have 4 days off cleaning work - which is nice... We fell in love with this song, which is the theme tune from the French film, Paris - Seize The Day by Wax Tailor. It feels spring like... Hope you like it! Night, night. Kay & Sime xx

Thursday View

Linking up with  Jane  again...  Here's today's view(s). Late afternoon sunshine - looking out of our dining room... The lilies do look like they are on their way out. Poor things... They are usually blooming by now... Maybe the sun will pick them up... Sime's been adding extra quirkiness to our dining room just lately... We now have forks for door handles. I came up with the idea of making the screws look more colourful! This is our dining table light. Sime's named it too... Clarity! I think we've shared a photo of the Euphonium before. Which lives above the wood burner... Flea, this morning in his usual bed... Looks like he has a piece of bamboo coming out of him! Lupin tonight... Chilling in front of the computer. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr & Mrs Sft ... Which was wonderful! Our first blog friends to have visited Meadowcroft . We had a great pep talk about Saving F

Never Too Late

The busy times continue & it's not only work & B&B... In the last two weeks, we've received several calls regarding Bebe.  Firstly, she'd phoned 999 to complain that her electric heater was too hot... So it was suggested that she really needs to be assessed & a week's respite was on the cards... She refused to leave the house, so the carers are providing more support to keep an eye on her. Then we heard she smashed the socket that her heater plugs into & that she keeps turning her central heating off, so Sime asked the social worker to stick a label on the heating & we searched for an electrician. A couple of days later, it's all sorted... Then we get another call, Bebe's kettle has broken... So we've had one delivered today... Just hope everything will be ok now for a bit, although she does have cellulitis in one of her legs & we're struggling to track down the community nurses to find out more!  Yesterday was

Earth Hour 2013

Transition St Goran has been supporting Earth Hour since 2010...  Tonight will be our 4th Earth Hour feast & if it remains dry - we shall be enjoying a Cotna  bonfire, which is always wonderful! We all take along food & drink to share & surround ourselves with lanterns. Really looking forward to seeing everyone - such a lovely way to end a busy day.  Tomorrow, we're going to be helping Sal & Ryan (our eldest & boyfriend) move from Falmouth to Bristol.  So exciting for them both & something they've been wanting for a while...  We shall miss them though! Don't forget to switch off between 8.30 & 9.30pm for  Earth Hour  & we'd love to hear what others are doing.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Kay & Sime xx

Weird Weather

Just a quickie to say hello - we're still here! We've had several weeks of guests staying which has been wonderful & this week, we have lots of work preparing for the imminent holiday season, as well as lots of get-togethers with family & friends. So we are very busy & feel like we haven't had a normal evening at home for a long time... Today we have a huge clean to do, a beautiful large house on the cliff edge & we did say we'd be there for 9am... But we're struggling to get our act together! Anyway, here's our views from 2 weeks ago & today - linking up with  Jane's Thursday View . The lilies were beginning to thrive... But the weather got cold... And foggy... Two weeks on & enduring our first morning of frost last week... The lilies are struggling to survive. This may be the second time in 8 years that they've not bloomed... It's cold, wet, dark & windy today... Last