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The South West Coast Path Circular Walk From Home

We're having such beautiful weather here at the moment, so we're making the most of it! Last week we decided to do one of our favourite local walks... Taking the lane past our hamlet... And the footpath down towards Caerhays... There had been a thick sea mist all morning, which started to lift. 1 mile from home... Tim Burton's film crew were starting to take over the beach. After feasting on fruit & handfuls of nuts on the beach, the mist cleared & we got on our way... We joined the coast path to head home... Looking back down on Porthluney Beach. A mysterious standing.stone.. Neither of us remember seeing it before! Taking in the view... These steps through the woodland are never-ending...  Out the other end... Down more steps... This little chap ran across the path - we do see lizards a lot in our garden too. We think the only way to get to Lambsowden Cove is by boat...

Nearby Film Set - A Walk From Our House

There's always lots of filming going on around here, but a few weeks ago we noticed a film crew base in a field near here, with security manning the gates even in the middle of the night (we were returning from one of Sime's late gigs). We were told that it's a Tim Burton film as he'd visited a local Indian restaurant & we were intrigued. After bumping into some neighbours in the week who told us to have a walk along the coast path, we decided to go along to investigate with Hugo today. The film is based on a children's book, set on a fictional Welsh island & is starring Samuel L Jackson, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp & Eva Green. Although there were only security guys around today. On the coast path. Looking down on the village. This whole set has been built on the village car park - Hard to believe that this isn't a real building... Nor this one... These too are part of the set... Sime tapped


We recently watched this film on the  Films For Action  website. We joined a permaculture group over 20 years ago with the idea of finding land together to create an educational space to grow organically, unfortunately we never found the right place & the group dwindled, but we often wonder how different our lives would have been if we'd gone ahead. This film reminded us of Scarlet & J at  The Finished Article , they too are growing in their front garden & also have an allotment in the north of England. It's all very inspirational! Kay & Sime xx

Weekend Viewing

We're off to work now... Thank you for your comments about our week & yes Scarlet - we are very much looking forward to tomorrow! Some of you know that we love Harold & Maude & we've just found the whole film on youtube... So enjoy & if you want to sing out, sing out... Love Kay & Sime xx

Cinema Paradiso

Although we don't have a TV - we do hire DVDs from  Cinema Paradiso . This company are brilliant, especially if you love world cinema & unlike some of their competitors - they treat their customers very well! We have 3 films a month, but during the Summer we don't always get a chance to watch them, but they just keep getting carried over to the next month until we do - which is nice during the Winter... Last week, we watched  Cinema Paradiso , an Italian film made in 1988, which made us laugh & cry - a wonderful film!  If you like  Life Is Beautiful  &  Amelie  - you will love this film too. And although not world cinema,  Harold & Maude  is still a big favourite of ours (Kay's especially) & although a little odd, it is very uplifting! Does anyone else have a cult or world cinema film favourite?  Kay & Sime xx

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Baking

We were supposed to go out to work today, but the apartment doesn't need to be ready until tomorrow - so we decided to have another day at home. We've not really done much - the walks haven't happened for 3 days now, but we're determined to get back into it soon.  We were going to tidy the garden - but instead I had an urge to bake... We started off with pancakes for breakfast (which I forgot to photograph). Then I made bread dough to make a couple of loaves. I added ground rosehips as an experiment & it made the dough overflow... There was enough for some bread rolls too - which ended up like small loaves (Sime reckons I've cracked the secret to feeding the 5000)!  Then I thought - while the oven's on, I'll make a batch of cookies... So we're now stuffed full of stodgy food & fit to burst! But I'm really impressed with the rosehips - The bread has all turned out soft & lighter than usual, so I'll definitely use it again!