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Life Without Maple Syrup

Life Without Maple Syrup , a set on Flickr. Via Flickr: Breakfast will just not be the same without our Canadian maple syrup... Click on the photos to follow our story. K&S xx

Let There Be Love

Bebe loves singing, so Sime dug out an old microphone. Dementia makes it a struggle for her to remember the words as well as she used to, but it doesn't stop her from having fun & of course - we are only too happy to encourage her! She also loves seeing herself on screen & even though the words are a bit jumbled, she's always keen on us sharing the videos & keeps saying "It'll give the world a laugh!" Hope you enjoy it. Kay & Sime xx


Picture from here Tonight we're going to be trimming our tree, making & drinking mulled wine, enjoying the sound of the wind howling outside & sitting by the fire... Happy solstice! Love Kay & Sime xx

Time For Us

We are really getting into the swing of life with Bebe & she is doing wonderfully well... Far better than we ever imagined! She has been with us for 3 weeks now & has already got to grips with the stairs & where her bedroom & bathroom are... When she arrived she was unsteady & using a walking stick, we had to assist her on the stairs & getting up the step in her bathroom. Now she has given up her stick & can negotiate the stairs & step independently... Has she just gained confidence or is our vegan diet working wonders?!  We moved to Cornwall when Hugo was just 5 years old & although Bebe has seen him regularly over the years she just can't accept that he is now a young man, so sadly she greets him as either a stranger or thinks he is Kay's Brother! Bebe is loving day care & will soon be going in for regular respite.  We are missing being able to go out in the evenings, so once we are satisfied that she is ready

What's In A Week?

We seem to be getting into a routine with Bebe & have seen quite a transformation over the last week... Amazing what a hair cut & some new clothes can do! She is settling well & although there are periods when reassurance is needed, she has been able to move away from focusing on things which cause her distress. We have spent many hours talking & helping her to understand why she thinks the way she does. Some of the more mundane topics, Sime has now written about in a laminated letter - which we hand to Bebe when she starts to repeat herself & gradually the answers to these questions are seeping through!  She is loving her time at daycare, which is a great bonus & she is amazingly sleeping well - if we can persuade her to keep off the coffee at night! Bebe's had a go on her old typewriter, though found it a struggle to concentrate...  We'll get it out again at the weekend & keep encouraging her. We've also tried