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Laugh Along With Bebe

More silly times in the Smith household!
Kay & Sime xx

Welcome To Portloe...

Please leave your cars at home!!!
Confused? So are we...
Kay & Sime xx

Merry Maidens

A beautiful blustery day...

Dancing with the Merry Maidens...

But we didn't turn to stone!

The stone circle is on a quiet lane & is free to visit - just don't cause any damage or leave any physical offerings... Don't change the site, let the site change you.
Our video turned out to be rubbish...  So instead here is a favourite one from The Books - Take Time.  

 Hope you like it!
Kay & Sime xx


Wildebeest opened earlier this year in Falmouth & we love it! Not only is all the food (& drink) vegan, but every dish is imaginative - full of colour, fabulous flavours & it's all completely wholesome too! The cafe has a great atmosphere, very chilled - with friendly staff.  There is a huge chalk board on the wall of the cafe, as well as on the inside of the toilet doors for customers to get creative & enjoy reading!
Even though it's about 30 miles away from us - we've still managed to visit quite often & met up with family & friends to share the experience...  We feel very lucky to have such a nice place to go - which has to be one of the best vegan eateries around!!! 

Jumbled Snapshot

Can't believe it's been nearly 2 months since our last post... As always, we have been incredibly busy with work & caring for Bebe, so when the opportunity arises to have some fun - we grab it! Here is a mishmash of photies from the last few weeks... Ending a day trip to Exmoor with a ride on the Lynton/Lynmouth funicular cliff lift.
Rose's graduation at Plymouth University. We attended Sal & Ryan's there 4 years ago & no doubt we'll be doing it all over again (though probably at a different university) in another 4 years with Hugo...
We are so proud of our beautiful buddy.  Not because she now has an art degree, but because of her self motivation - it's not always been an easy journey...  Going to college with strange kids after being home educated was very challenging for our shy girl, but she wanted to do it & we supported her all the way. A few years ago, she completed a foundation degree in graphic design, she found a small course group &a…