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World Vegan Month

We have set ourselves the challenge again to share posts of our food every day during November for World Vegan Month. As we are eating leftovers tonight from last night's stew, we thought we would show you our rather bland looking, but delicious lunch... Rice with miso and sea vegetable soup thrown in! We always have some sachets of miso soup or paste in our picnic basket for a quick snack and they are great for when we are travelling. If we're on the road, we can usually fill our flask with hot water for the day, although there are not many French hotels with kettles in the bedrooms - we usually ask the staff on reception or if we're having breakfast, just fill our flask then. We've not managed to find a French alternative that we are happy with, so we usually make sure we have plenty for our trip...Clearspring is our favourite. Happy World Vegan Day! Love Kay and Sime xx

World Vegan Day And Month

If you feel any compassion towards animals, please think about cutting meat, poultry, fish, crustacea, eggs, dairy & honey from your diet...  You can find lots of information online about animal cruelty & reasons for becoming vegan.  Your body will thank you - especially if you eat a well balanced diet with as much organic produce as possible.  Read this article from last year:  Top 20 Reasons To Go Vegan . Start by taking  The Vegan Pledge  & you will receive support from The Vegan Society. To show our support for veganism & encourage folks to give it a go, we are going to post at least a photo each day of our food & interesting snippets for November. So here's tonights's dinner... Roasted vegetables with chickpeas in a tangy tomato sauce, Sime's mustard mash & steamed kale. We made the sauce similar to our pasta sauce - In a little water, we fried (or simmered on a low heat) lots of sliced onions, chopped garli

World Vegan Day

We've had the vegan month of food & today it's the start of world vegan month - so more excuses to be sharing yet more vegan food, recipes & stories... And on Saturday November 17th, we will have a stall at the Free Vegan Food Fair at City Hall in Truro. The fair is open from 11am until 3pm, so come along if you can. We are enjoying having the house to ourselves... No guests in at the moment, which explains the tip! Hugo's away too, so no-one to keep an eye on us either... We will catch up properly very soon. Kay & Sime xx