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Holocaust Memorial Day

HMD 2011 Untold Stories Trailer. Each year on 27 January the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). HMD has been held in the UK since 2001 and the United Nations declared this an International event in November 2005. 27 January was chosen as the date for HMD because it was on this date in 1945 that the largest Nazi killing camp  Auschwitz-Birkenau  was liberated. HMD is about remembering the victims and those whose lives have been changed beyond recognition of the  Holocaust ,  Nazi persecution  and subsequent genocides in  Cambodia ,  Rwanda ,  Bosnia  and the ongoing atrocities today in  Darfur . HMD provides us with an opportunity to honour the  survivors  but it’s also a chance to look to our own lives and communities today. Genocide doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process which begins when the differences between us are not celebrated but used as a reason to exclude or marginalise. By learning from the lessons of the past, we can create a safer, better future . In