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Love and Laughter

We want to share with you our love for each other, a powerful and intimate connection which continues to grow each and every day. Today isn't an anniversary or birthday...dates don't really matter, we just enjoy sending our love out into the world. We started writing this shortly after our anniversary in September and somehow became too busy to be hello again, we are still here! 34 years married, soon to be 36 years together and over 50 years since we first met. One day we'll dig out the box of old photos under our bed and make a montage, but for now - here is a few from the last 5 years, as well as our wedding day on the bottom right. Last September, we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of our relationship with family and friends on the farm and created:  Our 80s Playlist . How can we love each other more than ever after all these years? We just do. The first time we declared our love was over a barrel of beer in a friend’s garage, while a party was going o


Do you live in fear of growing old, of becoming ill and dying?  Or do you enjoy your life; living with purpose and seeing the beauty all around you? Our work has evolved in the last year and has taken us on a path which felt right...caring for others.  Going into the homes of older people who have needed help and human contact.  We started with 2 clients, people we have been supporting with housework and pet care for many years and as the months ticked by, they both asked if we would go into various friends too. We are now working pretty much full time, doing whatever is needed...housework, gardening, dog walking, food preparation, sometimes just sitting and chatting over a cuppa.  We feel we have calmed those who were fearful and helped them to see things more logically...there is little virus here in Cornwall and it is very doubtful anyone will catch it while sitting in their house. Those who had become frightened of the outside world, have now started going out again - seeing family

The Art of Laughter

EE Cumings quote taken from here. You only have to do a quick search on the internet to see that laughter is becoming big business.  There are clubs, online courses and therapists dishing out ideas to bring laughter into your life...  How bizarre is that?  People need to be taught how to laugh and of the health benefits it brings, which incidentally are huge - but what has happened? Why don't folks know how to laugh? It is such a basic instinct and yet, we're not doing it... Well we do , but lots of you don't.  We know how our mental health influences our physical health, so no wonder laughter is now seen as an important ingredient for  healing illness.  There is so much fun to be had if you spend time with people who make you laugh, so if you're not getting enough - seek out others who share the same sense of humour, who can help you change and before you know it...  You'll be enjoying a good belly laugh every day, crying with laughter a