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St Ewe Country Fair

St Ewe is another small village in our parish & is about 2 miles away from where we live. The country fair is a big annual event & our transition group had a stall, so we went along to help out. This is the first time we have visited the fair - we are not really keen on seeing animals being made to perform & this was the main attraction. As it was our day off & we were still exhausted from the last couple of days, we didn't turn up until the afternoon... After torrential rain early morning, it turned out to be quite a hot day... Dog Show Looking for our stall... The muddy man was saving or trying to save goals... Tractor Plate smashing... Such a bizarre waste of crockery! Craft marquee - people selling their wares... Alpacas on parade. Not really a typical British event... Shire horses... Cute lambs to look at & stroke. For us, it's sad to think what happens next to them... Traditional pipe organ which was playing 'Is this the way to Amarillo

Earth Hour 2012 At Cotna

Last night we had a transition group get-together for Earth Hour. As always this took place at Cotna ... Sara & Dave's polytunnels, wind turbine & solar panels... Their house is a beautiful eco-build & they also have a straw bale barn which is a holiday let & accommodation for  WWOOFers  who help out on the land. The compost loo... The track down to the bonfire was lit with tealights in paper bags... One of the new yurts... And the fire... We fell in love with this yurt... This photo doesn't do it justice... But it really is beautiful!  The ceiling... And kitchen area... Back to the fire... And more importantly - the food... Such a great feast again... Dave's wonderful cider... It was a great evening catching up with everyone... Even Ziggy joined in... And we didn't get home until 1am... Hope you all managed to do something nice too - would love to know what everyone else got up to... Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Earth Hour 2012

It's Earth Hour again on March 31st at 8.30pm. Our transition group will be getting together again for a shared veggie meal & bonfire. The idea to switch off lights & appliances for an hour isn't about saving electricity... It's about being aware that everything we do has an effect on our planet. Supporting the WWF Earth Hour  shows your willingness to acknowledge your role in the world's future & wouldn't it be nice to know that that future really could be bright! Here's WWF's ideas for us all to think about: Top ten ways to reduce your ecological footprint Don’t drive when there is an alternative – use public transport, cycle or walk.  On average we can reduce our total ecological footprint by as much as 20% if we don’t own and drive a car. Using it less will reduce your footprint. Grow vegetables and don’t waste food.  Combining these actions could reduce our footprint by 11%. Growing our own fruit and vegetables reduces all the


This week has flown... A whirlwind of food, laughter & lots of talking! Starting out with our Transition Group's Solstice celebration at  Cotna . We loved Sara's holly tree!  As always we all took along food to share... And enjoyed another wonderful feast... We toasted the sun with Patrick's Solstice Sloe Gin... And Sime got his first chance to wear a silly hat! We put our tree up on the Solstice, a real tree which we saved from being shredded & which will provide wood for our fire when we pull it down... Christmas morning we finished off our wrapping & waited for the kids to arrive... (Or in Hugo's case - get up)! Our first prezzie opening session... I think we chose well for Asa!  Happy kidlets... This year we decided to eat in our living room for a change. Sime remembered that we had an extra table & chairs in the garage (like you do) - which he's been itching to sort out ready for our B&B... Rose & Asa will be having a second