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No Impact Week/Water

Day 6 of our No Impact Experiment  is about water consumption & having had a go at the  Water Footprint Calculator  this is how we score: Food = 139 Domestic = 46 Industrial =73 Total = 259 Cubic Metres Per Person Per Year! We have no idea if this is good or bad, as there are no guidelines on the website... All I can say is that we are very careful with water. When we first moved to Cornwall - we lived on a smallholding which had it's own well water pumped into the house. During dry periods the well would get really low & so we got used to being incredibly frugal & that behaviour has stayed with us. We never leave taps running or over fill the kettle, we use a bowl to wash our dishes, our washing machine has a AAA rating - so is both energy & water efficient. We don't use our bath (it usually gets filled with vegetable plants in the summer) & always take quick showers (not only to save water, but because when we have spent too long - the water runs cold)!