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Early Mornings

We are still upside down at home with builders in & out... We're also working lots too again - though this morning we're off to the home education group, as it's our turn today! A few tough days coming up again & then hopefully next week we can take some time to enjoy ourselves... Hope you're all having a good week. Kay & Sime xx

A Week In The Life Of Zombies

 We've had a week of hassle, cock-ups & frustrating times with our work... Folks wanting to turn up early at holiday lets (in one case - a day early), owners wanting to re-arrange plans at the last minute, guests getting lost en route to their holiday properties, a one-off job that got cancelled due to the keyholder forgetting to give us the key & yesterday we discovered a family were waiting at a house we hadn't even prepared!  After a full day's work, when we felt we could do no more - we were thrown into disarray & had to greet the poor family who had travelled over 300 miles, arriving in Cornwall to house that wasn't ready - Whoops! This is the first time we've ever let anyone down & were convinced that it was the agency who had neglected to tell us, but on return home - we found an email sent several weeks ago... We take care of 2 properties with that agency & they sent the info on one mail, we only saw the bookings for the first house &

Another Day, Another Coffee

We briefly had a full connection on Monday night... Just as we were heading to bed - Hugo came flying downstairs saying we're back on! It didn't last though & again yesterday it was off... We've now requested our MAC code from The Phone Co-op, which they have until next Monday to provide us with. Then we're definitely going to join BT & hope that all our problems will be over. Here we are in Truro - Hugo's at the the CAT Group & we're going to spend a couple of hours mooching around the city (again). Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Walking The Walk

This morning we dropped Hugo off at  BF Adventure , where he had a full day of outdoor activities along with other members of the CAT Group...  The weather has been beautiful yet again, so we've all a great day! We visited  Miss Peapods  for breakfast... Which is situated in  Jubilee Wharf  on the Fal Estuary, an eco-development in Penryn. The views are stunning... And the food is fabulous! Their veggie brekkie was one of the best we've had! Sime thought we should sample a cake too, so we shared this wholesome chocolate cake... And it was very yummy! One of Sime's arty shots on the harbour near the cafe... We decided to have a look at the creeks on the Helford Passage & thought this was interesting... There were lots of fields of daffodils, not sure why they haven't been picked... Then we came across this place:  Potager Garden .  It doesn't open until April & has a veggie cafe, but they invited us in to have a look around... And we wished we wer


On Wednesday, Hugo went to an animation workshop with the CAT group (Cornwall Alternative Teens).  It was held at Truro Library, so Sime & I decided we would have a mooch around the city ... We arrived early so we could get cheap parking. Then the three of us went for breakfast at another good veggie cafe called:  Archie Brown's .  We don't have a TV or buy newspapers, so the guys took the opportunity to read! Sime & Hugo opted for some unusual breakfast time drinks! The cafe make their own sourdough, which was delicious with some local eggs! After breakfast, Hugo went off to his workshop - where he decided to concentrate on making music for the animation... The CAT group made 2 videos with the help of Liz, who ran the workshop.          The kids really enjoyed themselves.  Next week they are having an  Adventure Day , so Hugo's really looking forward to that! It was a lovely day...  The guy in the yellow jacket is known as 'Banjo Man' although he

Cornwall Alternative Teens Group

Our first session at the home ed group this year, so was lovely to catch up with everyone! While we were in France, some of the kids had a go at making a stop-motion video, so we heard all about it today - here is their first attempt: The group has received some funding & the kids have decided to have a formal training session in animation, so next month they'll be attending a workshop. They've also done lots of research & were keen to show us some amazing stop-motion videos they have found inspiring. This is my favourite: I wonder how many days that woman spent on the bed! The Animation Workbench. Computer Zone. Sime is usually upstairs in the music room, but he was on drying up duty after lunch! The centre we use for the group is in the centre of Truro, which is the capital (very small) city of Cornwall. Most of the kids are able to come by train - which is great! All the volunteers have had to have police checks - which have finally all come through, so we&#