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Fleaby's Easy Listening Gems Part 1

Flea, much to Sime's disappointment, never really embraced the music genre associated with his namesake & although he often gets into scrapes & scraps... He's really a big softy, especially where music's concerned.  Here's some of his favourite tunes: He hopes you enjoy the videos as much as he does!

Merry Maidens

A beautiful blustery day... Dancing with the  Merry Maidens ... But we didn't turn to stone! The stone circle is on a quiet lane & is free to visit - just don't cause any damage or leave any physical offerings... Don't change the site, let the site change you. Our video turned out to be rubbish...  So instead here is a favourite one from The Books - Take Time.    Hope you like it! Kay & Sime xx

Lupuschki's Jazz Archives Volume 1

Lupe likes to lie next to the computer when there's jazz playing... " This is his very favourite tune.  It has to be played over & over again if ever he goes on a car journey...  It helps him to remain calm! If he can't get onto the computer desk...  The next best thing is the cabinet beside it, where he drifts away listening to some soothing tunes. Daddy sometimes gets a bit carried away & turns the volume up... Which just grates on his nerves! Have a good weekend everyone...  We're off to work now & have guests in later, so busy, busy! K&S xx

Hymn For Her

Back in 2004, on a cold January day... The Smith family ventured out.  We had lived in Cornwall for nearly 2 years & enjoyed any days off exploring together. This day we decided to visit Tintagel Castle, we had a home educating family membership & wanted to visit all the English Heritage sites we could. We had  Tintagel Castle  pretty much to ourselves, apart from 3 other people. We said Hello to them & thought that perhaps they were Dutch... As we were leaving, Hugo fell & grazed his knee, Maggi offered some herbal cream & we got chatting... Maggi, Pierce & EJ were an American band called the MPE Band & were on tour in the UK, then were going off into mainland Europe. Maggi asked if we home schooled & did we know a book called  Stargirl ? In their teens, Sal & Rose were massive readers & yes they had read the book... They all talked about their love for the story, so much so, that we read it very shortly after that meeting... W

Mevagissey Dancing Queen

This woman was apparently dancing all day... Wonderful stuff! Kay & Sime xx

Oh This Rain It Will Continue...

We are having our busiest week of the year so far... Every property we look after has guests or owners coming for the bank holiday. The house we've cleaned today is huge - 4 storeys, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms & we haven't finished, even though we went back this evening - we still have to return tomorrow evening... It's our own fault really, as we'd vowed to there early & ended up messing around until after 11am. We've got 11 properties to prepare before Saturday, so it really is full on! The holiday let laundry is getting on top of us & the washer is constantly going, but we'll do it - we always do & just for a change, I'm actually quite chilled about it all (I'm usually the one who starts to panic about getting everything done).  Anyway, we wanted to share with you what happened on Saturday... We had 2 properties to clean & everything went very smoothly - which was wonderful because we had somewhere to go. Amazingly, we were home fo

France, Music & The Elvis Story

Our love affair with France began back in 1991...  We decided to head off in our little campervan on a journey following the sun. Sal was 3 years old & Rose had just turned 1. We didn't have a plan, we'd sold pretty much everything we owned & the rest was put into Bebe's spare room... We had a fantastic adventure - travelling slowly through France, over the Alps, into Switzerland & Italy, then eventually back into France - where we settled for 3 months on the south coast, in a small village called  Cavaliere.  We rented a cheap caravan on a little campsite & I found a job as a housekeeper in the next village. While I worked, Sime & the girls spent their days on the beach & I joined them when I was finished. Back then, French families would have the whole of August as a holiday & every evening on the campsite during that month - families would get their tablecloths out & eat outside on huge tables, the food was abundant & the wine flowed.

A Bit Of France In Cornwall

Last night we had a wonderful evening with the very friendly folk in the village of Rescorla... Will show you more soon as off to work now, but here is some lovely music - which we shall no doubt be humming all day! Have a super duper weekend! Sime's band are launching their new single tonight, so another musical night ahead! Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Happy Songs

Inspired by a show on the radio... Think of 3 very different songs that make you feel good. Here are KT's: And mine: Does anyone else have feel good music ideas? 3 very different songs that you would turn up if you heard it on the radio. Bye for now, Sime

How Many People...

Have a song written for them... We're off to work now - have a good weekend! Kay & Sime xx

Today, We Have Mostly Been Singing...

Light My Fire - The silly version of course... Yes, think we could say we're excited!!! K&S xx

Latest Dolphins Gig

Thank you for all your comments over the last couple days... We promise to catch up properly tomorrow. We've worked all weekend & in the morning we have builders coming in to take over our dining room, so we're busy moving our clutter from here to another part of the house! The guys will be here at 8am, so we're going off to bed early ... Last night,  I had my arm twisted to venture out & see The Dolphins play - which I enjoyed, as I've not been for a while.  Sime's old band turned up too to watch, which was a surprise - a nice surprise! Anyway, I managed to fit in a quick video in between stuffing CDs & their inlays into cases - which was a thrilling job! Sime says you'd all love to see it, so here is University by The Dolphins Fly:  Hope you enjoy it! Kay & Sime  xx

Home Based

It feels funny not going away this January... But it's nice - being at home & having time to potter about. Work has thinned out for now & we're glad.  After the shock of losing several properties in November & panicking about lack of money - we realise now that we will make it through the Winter & everything is going to be fine! Of course there is lots to keep us busy... We're preparing one of our en-suite spare rooms ready to use for B&B, so Sime's been busy with paint again & I've had to get our accounts in order - they do get badly neglected when we're out so much & for the first time in 4 years I'd filled in our tax returns & had forgot to post them before the deadline...  Luckily, there was still time to submit them online, but it's been a pain & we've had to pay for the commercial software - which we could have done without! Nevermind, it's all sorted now & we can forget it until next time. We'r

We've Got The Blues

We're hoping that tomorrow will run smoothly, as it's the BIG day for Sime & the band... But first we'll have several properties to clean, so the pressure is on! Today - we have worked for nearly 10 hours, yesterday was pretty much the same & it just seems that the crazy season has arrived early this year! It's been half term this week & everywhere has been packed... It seems that every journey has taken forever with all the extra vehicles around.  Our hamlet has been busy with folks staying at the camp site & hostel, lots of people stopping & looking into the house from morning until night. Families walking down to the beach early in the morning & teenagers coming up from the beach late at night. All of them making lots of noise & not giving any thought to the people whose lives they are disrupting. Even the kitties don't like the intrusion... Fleaby & Lupschki watch the road from a safe distance! There has been one consolation t

A Week In The Life Of Zombies

 We've had a week of hassle, cock-ups & frustrating times with our work... Folks wanting to turn up early at holiday lets (in one case - a day early), owners wanting to re-arrange plans at the last minute, guests getting lost en route to their holiday properties, a one-off job that got cancelled due to the keyholder forgetting to give us the key & yesterday we discovered a family were waiting at a house we hadn't even prepared!  After a full day's work, when we felt we could do no more - we were thrown into disarray & had to greet the poor family who had travelled over 300 miles, arriving in Cornwall to house that wasn't ready - Whoops! This is the first time we've ever let anyone down & were convinced that it was the agency who had neglected to tell us, but on return home - we found an email sent several weeks ago... We take care of 2 properties with that agency & they sent the info on one mail, we only saw the bookings for the first house &

Dolphins Compilation

This is a compilation of some recent gigs with  The Dolphins Fly ... Hope you enjoy watching as much as we love playing them! I'm really loving "We Lost" & "She Runs" at the moment. Would love to know what everyone else thinks... Some more videos to bore you with soon! Simon x