Natural Light

The Dolphins Fly New Single

Soon to be released ...

Hope you like it!

Sime x


Kath said…
We do!! I've just been playing it for Husband, who was impressed enough to go on to listen to some of the songs on the side bar. He's the big music lover in our house and prides himself on his good taste, so consider that praise indeed :-D
Thank you Kath, glad you both like it!
We've got more in the pipeline....... Now all we need is a slot at Glastonbury!
Do you know Michael Eavis?

Si ;-)
Unknown said…
Yes we've listened to it whilst drinking our tea at the kitchen table.

Thank you and good luck with the release.

Sft x
Hi Sft - Sime's glad you like it!

The band are brilliant & I really enjoy seeing them live, but then I'm biased...

Kay :)