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Lights Out!

Just 4 weeks to go until this year's Earth Hour. Here's the link to join in:  Sign Up For Earth Hour . We'll have friends staying, so a candlelit meal will definitely be on the cards... What do you have planned? Kay & Sime xx

Candle Power

Our Earth Hour  celebration was lovely, although Bebe was confused & kept changing her mind about eating with us... In the end she ate before we switched the lights off & joined us for a candlelit game of Trivia Pursuit afterwards. Because of Bebe's sundowning condition, she automatically thinks that it's cold when dark... So even though it was very warm next to the woodburner - she spent the evening in her coat! She still managed to answer lots of questions... We were very impressed! Kay & Sime xx

Earth Hour 2014

For the past few years, we've been to our friends' at Cotna  for Earth Hour. We have always shared a meal & when the weather's been good - we've also enjoyed a bonfire. This year is different for us...  Bebe is here, so in less than an hour - we shall be eating a candlelit meal cooked on the woodburner. Is anyone else switching off for  Earth Hour ? If so, we'd love to hear about your evening. Bye for now. Kay & Sime xx

Earth Hour 2013

Transition St Goran has been supporting Earth Hour since 2010...  Tonight will be our 4th Earth Hour feast & if it remains dry - we shall be enjoying a Cotna  bonfire, which is always wonderful! We all take along food & drink to share & surround ourselves with lanterns. Really looking forward to seeing everyone - such a lovely way to end a busy day.  Tomorrow, we're going to be helping Sal & Ryan (our eldest & boyfriend) move from Falmouth to Bristol.  So exciting for them both & something they've been wanting for a while...  We shall miss them though! Don't forget to switch off between 8.30 & 9.30pm for  Earth Hour  & we'd love to hear what others are doing.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Kay & Sime xx

Earth Hour 2012 At Cotna

Last night we had a transition group get-together for Earth Hour. As always this took place at Cotna ... Sara & Dave's polytunnels, wind turbine & solar panels... Their house is a beautiful eco-build & they also have a straw bale barn which is a holiday let & accommodation for  WWOOFers  who help out on the land. The compost loo... The track down to the bonfire was lit with tealights in paper bags... One of the new yurts... And the fire... We fell in love with this yurt... This photo doesn't do it justice... But it really is beautiful!  The ceiling... And kitchen area... Back to the fire... And more importantly - the food... Such a great feast again... Dave's wonderful cider... It was a great evening catching up with everyone... Even Ziggy joined in... And we didn't get home until 1am... Hope you all managed to do something nice too - would love to know what everyone else got up to... Bye for now, Kay & Sime xx

Reducing Our Ecological Footprint

Mrs W, who follows our blog by email has very kindly pointed out that we neglected to say what we are doing with regards to the WWF's ideas. So here's the post from Saturday:  Earth Hour 2012  as reference & this is what we are doing... Transport - As we live in a rural area, we would struggle without a car. There is a bus route a mile away, though it only runs 4 times a day. It's also expensive (£5.50 return to the nearest town). There is  a community bus, which tends to fill up quickly with older people who no longer drive & that's great. We need a car for our business & most of our work is within a 3 mile radius. We have cut down on our trips further afield & wait until we have several things to do before making a journey - even Sime's gig journeys get combined with doing something useful on the way. Growing and wasting food - A stumbling block for us, in that our landlord really isn't keen on us digging up his lovely lawn! We grow some gar

Earth Hour 2012

It's Earth Hour again on March 31st at 8.30pm. Our transition group will be getting together again for a shared veggie meal & bonfire. The idea to switch off lights & appliances for an hour isn't about saving electricity... It's about being aware that everything we do has an effect on our planet. Supporting the WWF Earth Hour  shows your willingness to acknowledge your role in the world's future & wouldn't it be nice to know that that future really could be bright! Here's WWF's ideas for us all to think about: Top ten ways to reduce your ecological footprint Don’t drive when there is an alternative – use public transport, cycle or walk.  On average we can reduce our total ecological footprint by as much as 20% if we don’t own and drive a car. Using it less will reduce your footprint. Grow vegetables and don’t waste food.  Combining these actions could reduce our footprint by 11%. Growing our own fruit and vegetables reduces all the

Earth Day Birthday

Last night, we spent Earth Hour with members of our local transition group. These are the folks who are making good things happen in our community, who care about others as much as themselves & we are very lucky to be a part of it all... Around Sara & Dave's Bonfire at  Cotna It was a chilly night, so great to have the warmth of the fire. We shared a delicious candlelit feast & finished off with Margaret's yummy cake! Which she put put candles in for the birthday girl! Thank you M xx Dave's fire was brilliant! Jane & Richard - with a groaning table of food behind... Sheila (who wasn't really being sacrificed, she was just cold!) & Dave From the left: Margaret, Wendy, Ella, Patrick, Sara & Jane Ella, Patrick, Sara, Tracy, Jane, Richard, Sheila & Dave We had a splendid evening, great food, lovely people in a beautiful place... And power free too! Sime was the photographer so not leaving him out - here's one of him at the Eden C

Top Of The World

It's my lovely wife's 45th birthday today and it's great to see her having such a nice time.  We had a bit of a lie-in, then Kay said that she'd like to go to the new Eden Project Cafe in St. Austell for breakfast.   Having dined there recently, we were aware of their "Book Swap" area.  Choose a book from home you wish to donate, write a brief piece in the inside cover and put it in the Swap Section. Then, if there's a book you fancy, take it home. Kay donated her favourite book "The Complete SAS Guide to Interrogation Techniques". I made that up. She actually donated the wonderful book "The Tibetan Book Of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche, only because the last page is missing. Just joking. It was in pristine condition . I suggested selling it at a car boot sale instead but  then she gave me one of her famous looks and I shut up. Kay wrote in the cover about how good the book is and how she hoped that whomever took it

Community Power

  Transition St Goran is a small group which was set up in our local community over 2 years ago. We are trying to improve our community ties, encourage people to work together, meet up, share food, help each other & learn new skills. So far, it has been a very slow process & although we have lots of folks on our mailing list - there are usually only 8 of us that attend most meetings & support events... Our neighbours really don't know what they are missing! We have such lovely times together & on Saturday, we will be celebrating Earth Hour with shared food & hopefully a bonfire. We are very lucky that 2 of our members - Sara & Dave live at  Cotna , a fantastic home with land, just a mile from our house & they host most of our get-togethers. We will also be celebrating our first big achievement - 2 community wind turbines! Which will be going up this Summer. It's an exciting project & means that local people can invest & become shareholder