Natural Light

Candle Power

Our Earth Hour celebration was lovely, although Bebe was confused & kept changing her mind about eating with us... In the end she ate before we switched the lights off & joined us for a candlelit game of Trivia Pursuit afterwards.
Because of Bebe's sundowning condition, she automatically thinks that it's cold when dark...
So even though it was very warm next to the woodburner - she spent the evening in her coat!

She still managed to answer lots of questions... We were very impressed!

Kay & Sime


Kath said…
It all looks like great fun! we ate by candlelight, then went outside to view the night skies through my Brother in laws telescope.
Hindustanka said…
I like candle light and to sit by it :) It is great you celebrated Earth Hour.
You all look very cosy. It was my birthday on Earth Hour day so we were out celebrating during the hour but I'm disappointed not to have heard so much about it this year.
Teresa x