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Cinema Paradiso

Although we don't have a TV - we do hire DVDs from  Cinema Paradiso . This company are brilliant, especially if you love world cinema & unlike some of their competitors - they treat their customers very well! We have 3 films a month, but during the Summer we don't always get a chance to watch them, but they just keep getting carried over to the next month until we do - which is nice during the Winter... Last week, we watched  Cinema Paradiso , an Italian film made in 1988, which made us laugh & cry - a wonderful film!  If you like  Life Is Beautiful  &  Amelie  - you will love this film too. And although not world cinema,  Harold & Maude  is still a big favourite of ours (Kay's especially) & although a little odd, it is very uplifting! Does anyone else have a cult or world cinema film favourite?  Kay & Sime xx

On The Go

I've been on the go since 6.45 this morning... I made bread dough for 12 rolls, as it was Hugo's home ed group today & it was our turn as volunteers this week.  We have to set off early to get cheap parking for the day & for the first time since helping out at the group - it really wasn't a chore to get up & get things done! Once at the group we were non-stop, but we were organised - lunch was ready early (we made a big pan of vegetable soup to go with my rolls). The kids were chilled & we were too... Since getting home, we made a feast of salads, vegetables & home made soya pulp burgers. Sime went off to band practice & I've just carried on... I've made 2 loaves, a litre of almond milk, washed all our laundry & lovingly (hahaha) draped it on the airers in the spare room. I continue to astonish myself with the amount of stuff I've become capable of doing - is it what we're eating or what we're not eating? Well whatever it is


The sun was shining yesterday again, so after a fairly busy week - we decided to get out for a long walk. We walked into Gorran Haven & took the coastal path back home... Gorran Haven Harbour. This part of the coastal path takes you around the Lamledra pennisula, which heads towards Vault beach... Gorran Haven. It was chilly, but warm in the sun... Black clouds started coming over & we thought it was going to rain, but it stayed dry! First sign of Spring... Dodman Point ahead & the blue skies were back... We made the most of the sunshine & stopped to eat... With a lovely view of the beach... Lamledra House. We used to clean it, but quit after a year - because we only had 3 hours & felt we just couldn't get everything done - it sleeps 20! The owners are lovely though, but their budget is tight with constant maintenance.  They do have some interesting guests there... It got to 5pm & we still had a long way to go, so we left the path & took the ro

Soggy Eden

We went along to  Eden  on Friday to renew our passes & due to our usual faffing about - we arrived just 3 minutes before the last entry time at 2pm...  If we'd turned up just 1 minute late, we would have been refused, so we were lucky! We just had an hour - so as it was a rare occasion.  (Hugo was with us) He chose to head down to the biomes...  Taking a detour through the spiral garden...  Over the ammonites...  Around the back... Past the recycled electrical appliance giant... And into the cafe for some warming vegan grub...  chocolate & kale chili, which only Sime liked.  Red lentil & sweet potato soup with rocket & pepper salad. It took ages for the staff to confirm what was vegan, but at least they had something... While we were eating the biomes closed, so we didn't get a chance to visit this time - but at least we now have free entry for the next 12 months...  Although we're still togged up - it's getting milder. Is spring on it's

We're In The Mood...

For love... ( From here ) Happy Valentine's Day! Love from Kay & Sime xx

Wouldn't You Like...

To Live In This Village? We'd love to know it's history... It's half term in parts of the country, so work has kicked in this weekend. We've  also taken on a couple of new jobs - one starting Tuesday & the other will start at Easter, so we have a last meet with the owners tomorrow to make sure we're all ready to go. It feels strange getting back into the swing of things, though it'll go quiet again by the end of the month & then we'll be preparing for the Easter holidaymakers before the end of March... It soon comes round!  We're a bit tired tonight & not liking weekend work... Hope you all have a good week - we've got some nice photos from a rather soggy Eden on Friday - which we'll post at some point, along with the usual nonsense... Night, night. Kay & Sime xx


A beautiful sunny day - perfect for a walk. Though the wind was absolutely freezing... Crantock beach is on the north coast of Cornwall, just south of Newquay. Friendly folk from the pub in the village. The pub hasn't changed much... Since this was taken. Trying to get warm... The ladies in the pub suggested we have a look at the church. They also told us about this... We love the frieze... The village stocks last used in 1817. Then on to the beach... It is over 8 years since our last visit to this vast beach... Surfers visit throughout the year... Sime captured 2 of the several nutters in there yesterday... Beautiful waves. But the wind was painfully cold... Tomorrow we're off to renew our local passes for  Eden. It's the last day to do it & still only £5! Hope it's a bit warmer... Bye for now. Kay & Sime xx