Natural Light

Angel Of The South

The Willow Man on the M5.
Known as the Angel of the South or The Wicker Man...
He is 40 feet (12 metres) tall.
We call him Butt Boy Roy...
Why? Because of his firm masculine buttocks!

This is the second version as the first one was destroyed in an arson attack back in 2001.

He's lasted longer than the sculptor expected, but now the fields he stands in are filling with houses & an unsightly supermarket depot...

He's always been there since we moved to Cornwall & has been the indicator that we are nearly home when travelling back from upcountry & we all cheer with delight...

We love Butt Boy Roy & hope he sticks around!


Karin said…
Sounds like you are glad to be back home.
Pattypan said…
Good name I like it. We always looked out for the Willow Man as we knew we had not got far to go to our holiday destination - as soon as we saw him we knew we were on holiday the worst of the journey being behind us. I hope you are home safe and sound.

Take care


Thank you Karin & Pattypan - we managed to get home late on Friday, but we were so drained yesterday... Bebe's ok though & it's amazing that we missed the snow!

K&S xx
Kath said…
"firm masculine buttocks!"

ooh my favourite kind.....
just Gai said…
I don't think the Willow Man's visible from the train but I do keep my eyes peeled for the other angel outside Newcastle on my journeys up to Scotland. I love monumental sculptures like these. The world always seems a better place for them.
Hahaha Kath - me too! ;)

Hi Gai - we must google the Northern one, as we haven't seen it yet. We love them too!

Kay :)
Anonymous said…
Butt Boy Roy is quite a handsome fellow. I hope he is around for a long time.
Catherine said…
That is cool!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
xo Catherine
Thanks Mel & Catherine!

Had a very chilly, but chilled weekend!

Kay :)
Scarlet said…
Thanks for popping over to Beyond the Nook and for following. We love The Wicker Man too. We have holidayed in Cornwall many times, and get excited when we see him. We were planning on moving to Cornwall last year, but jobs dried up so we stayed local and moved to Beyond the Nook instead.