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Free From Chocolate

Our chocolate habit last year had become expensive & ridiculous, so we knew that we had to stop - we wanted to stop...  We had been aware for a long time that the milk protein put into chocolate is there to make us crave it, so most of us can't stop once we start... Dark chocolate with simpler ingredients doesn't have the same effect - though I don't know many people (apart from Granddad Gerry & myself) who really enjoy a strong dark chocolate. Sime's attitude to food is to cut it out if it's a problem & not just cut down. Which is actually the best way to do it, because once you cut it out completely & you stick to your decision - after a few days you stop craving it. After 3 weeks, it's appeal just fades & that's what we wanted to do.  Anybody who knows me can vouch that I have been a complete chocoholic since childhood, my favourites being Fry's Chocolate Creme & Creme Eggs. At work I gained a reputation for always having a c

Chums & Chocs

Poor Sal has pneumonia & has been signed off work for another 2 weeks... She's already been ill for over a week! She is very weak, but she has Ryan - who is doing a fine job of nursing her back to good health... And just to help her along - we've taken various supplements over: Vitamin C, Zinc & Propolis- to give her immune system a boost, Acidophilus as she's on antibiotics & Eucalyptus oil to inhale. We also took onions, garlic, thyme, fresh ginger, honey & lemons which are all fantastic in helping the body to recover from respiratory problems. The little chickpeas will be celebrating their 6th anniversary this year! And are very happy, which is lovely! We hadn't realised just how alike Sal & Hugo are! When she's well, Sal wears contact lens & since Rose got a job in the same supermarket - they get mistaken for each other... Rose & Asa just live 5 minutes away from Sal & Ryan, so we visited them afterwards...  But forgot to tak