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Up North Kids

Hello! After a hectic week, we have arrived in Stoke... We are here with 2 of the 5 kidlets, Rose & Asa. Sal & Ryan couldn't get any time off & Hugo is with friends because he has his circus show on for the next week - he texted earlier to say the first performance went fine & although they made mistakes - the audience didn't notice! It should be nicely polished by the time we see the last show next Sunday... Just want to say thank you to Amy, who is looking after the kitties - meaning they've been able to stay at home (they hate catteries) & this makes us really happy! So we're now off to eat & tomorrow we shall be visting our folks... It's Sealed Pot Sunday & if you check out  Saving For Travel  - you'll be able to read how well everyone is doing, including us. It's not too late to join in... Hope you enjoy the music - We love Papa M, his records keep us company on most road trips! Kay & Sime

Vegan Food In Stoke

Sorry for disappearing again, the drugs I'm taking for my heart are knocking me sideways... I'm on light duties at work (meaning Sime won't let me do much), but I'm fine sitting here. I still can't believe I ended up in hospital last week, such a shame after having a great time in Stoke. It's always lovely to see our folks (hope you're feeling better, Nana Stip-Pep) & so good that we managed to visit Shelley, an old musician friend of Sime's (they were in a band together: The Hidden Persuaders). Though disappointing that we didn't have time to see Grenson, an old work mate who had been in hospital (sorry - next time)! My GP has left a message wanting to know what happened & I'm reluctant to phone back, because I know there will be a lecture... Anyway, time for some food photies & I'm slowly trying to catch up with other blogs. You might remember that our first night in Stoke we were going to eat at the pu

School Daze Part 2

 I get all misty eyed whenever I think of my school days. Just kidding. It's time to lay it on thick and Bastard (who we met in part 1) features heavily today. Did I say how hairy his legs were? Goodness gracious, how neglectful of me. This man had an unfeasibly wiry growth of black hairs upon his legs. You couldn't help but stare at them.I don't believe that anyone wasn't mesmerised by this forest of hirsuteness. One could be forgiven for thinking that at a distance he could have been sporting leg warmers. But I digress. It was all about the bullying. The big incident happened immediately following football practice at the end of a Friday afternoon. We returned to the changing room and Barry (not his real name) could not locate his underwear. To cut a long story short, Bastard menacingly informed us that this was such a serious issue that the only course of action was for us all - about ten of us, to follow him to THE PREFAB. This was an old prefabricated room that w