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Season's Greetings

Taken from Amnesty We would like to share with you the sad news that Bebe passed away last week. She was still living in the local care home where she had been singing & dancing up until falling ill. She died peacefully in hospital, after her body gave in to pneumonia. We visited her every day - talked, sang, held her hands & gave her lots of hugs & kisses.. For 2 evenings she was lucid, she sang with us & told us that she loved us & her grandchildren implicitly, with all her heart.  She also told us not to cry & that everything would be ok. We made all the funeral arrangements ourselves - she requested a simple, no fuss send-off. We bought a biodegradable cardboard coffin, which we decorated with the lyrics from 'Fly Me To The Moon' & yesterday picked her up from the hospital in our car & took her to the crematorium in Truro. We spent a few minutes in quiet contemplation, shed a few tears & said our final goodbyes.