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For The Love Of Books

Last week we spent a couple of hours in a book shop while the brakes on our car were being fixed. We were in Truro and it was bitterly cold - neither of us likes traipsing around shops, but we do enjoy books and since probably giving hundreds away, it was rather comforting to step into this little haven. After going off in separate directions for a while (Sime always heads to the music section, while I go straight to the travel books), we eventually found each other again and discovered an empty sofa. We then spent a blissful hour with Sime reading to me. We were occasionally aware of other people around us, some looked at us as if we were scum (we are used to this). Our appearance obviously gives people a certain impression of us... Sime's beard, my old fraying French army coat and our general scruffiness. Others seemed quite enchanted and kept looking over at us smiling. It made us wonder if people are not used to seeing adults read to each other, but it's som

Palas Print

We love bookshops  & got quite excited when we found a directory in  The Guardian . On reading this entry  we thought we should check out Palas Print. It was just a few miles drive & we enjoyed a couple of hours -browsing, sitting, reading, drinking coffee & in the end bought 5 more books for our shelves! The Welsh owners were lovely & very knowledgeable about books & authors. When we said we had visited on the  strength of their write-up in the newspaper - they gave us 20 % too & didn't charge for the coffee! We felt very welcome & comfortable just browsing. A great afternoon!