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Our Garden

Loving this weather, although lunchtime today just got too hot! Eating outside again is great & amazingly - it's pretty quiet around here... In just 2 weeks time it will become very busy here & both the camp site & hostel will be full, so no doubt the rain will start then! For now, we can just enjoy the peace - lying in bed in a morning is wonderful when all we can hear are a few birds, then the school holidays happen & it's back to screaming children with angry parents... Nevermind, only two more months before the Summer is over! We've not long eaten outside & while enjoying the sunshine - we decided to have a proper look at the garden... These photos were taken around 8pm tonight: This is our Christmas Tree, which has sprouted some paler green shoots! Have no idea what this plant is, but it grows like a carpet... It's quite a novelty to see spiders' webs in the garden at this time of year, as it's usually quite wet. Another alpine plant